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No spend June

So June is a horrible month for me normally.
I have a couple of birthdays, Fathers day and summer activities to pay for. Its never gonna be my fave time of the year cause I can almost hear my bank statements cussing me out.
This year is no different ...
My mum and sister have birthdays 4 days apart so ive been keeping an eye out for something special for each of them and Agent D has a big birthday at the beginning of July (when we're away on our "English-land adventure") ...
There is 7 weeks of school holiday I have to try and provide entertainment for as well as the starting of a new school year so need new tops, trousers, everyday shoes, p.e shoes, new bag to replace the one holding on for dear life ...
Speaking of the "English-land" (what Agent M used to call England) ... this is the only holiday that we're getting this year so we are saving by staying with family but we wanna go on days out *Cough maybe legoland? Cough* so I need to magic financing for that ...
Adding in the usual bills/rent/utilities ...
*can u hear my purse weeping yet?
So ...
Was up the other night trying to work out how I can make ends meet and still afford some nice days out and after many crumpled up bits of paper and a few too many cups of coffee, ive decided to become nurse Ratched to my budget. Im gonna be so strict and militant that its gonna either get in shape willing or by fiscal force!

Welcome to my "NO SPEND JUNE!"
The rules are simple ... DONT SPEND MONEY U DONT NEED TO!
●Bills are a necessity and obviously must be paid.
●Food is a necessity but try to make it cheaper than normal. The freezer has some goodies stashed, the cupboards have some nice simple bits that could make a few dinners. I've got the next 4 weeks of meals planned and will STICK TO IT!!!
●Make from scratch is the motto for the month.
●Town shall be avoided like the plague! "Lead me not into temptation" and all that. It's probably not needed anyway.
●On the occasions when I have to go into town, I'll be adopting a cash envelope system so im limited to '£x' and thats all thats there. Am aiming to take the food budget down to £35 for the week. 
●Where possible make some money! If ive not used it, I probably dont need it. So why not sell it?
The aim of the game is to get some money put past for our holiday and if my numbers are right i could save about £200 ... Let's see how far I get.