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More than "JUST" a Mama

Ok, so I wrote this out last night at 3am
Am not sure what to write on this personal statement.
Its kinda like having to write up an academic ebay listing
"For sale, one creative mummy with good cooking skills, a creative flair and a determined mind"
"Still for sale, one tired ass mummy who is fed up feeling like she's not using her potential and wants to make a good life for her and her boys"
Im not entirely sure what marketable skills I have.
I've been a mama longer than ive done anything else but im not sure thats gonna make me worth having in a hairdressing course.
Pretty sure a personal statement that includes
"I can change a nappy in under a minute, a pro at hiding veggies in 'junk food', can distract a toddler long enough to defuse minor tantrums (dont ask me to help with the hardcore tantrums!) And I can entertain and feed a small family on a minimal budget" isn't gonna land me the gig.
Im feeling the pressure a little cause I don't want to mess this up. I want to make things better for us
At 1pm, after a couple of hours sleep and 4 jumbo mugs of coffee, ive realised that perhaps im good at more than I realised but im not saying it right.
For "change a nappy in under a minute" - read "have good time management skills".
For "a pro at hiding veggies in 'junk food' " - read "I am creative".
For "can distract a toddler long enough to defuse minor tantrums" - read "quick thinking and able to solve problems".
Ive been a single parent, able to work and run a home at the same time which shows time management skills, patience, a hell of a determination and ability to work hard.
Ive come to realise that it doesn't matter if u feel ur better at being a mama over anything else cause being a mama is no small feat. I have brought a little person into the world and raised him to be the happy, healthy, very inteligent kid that he is while still showing him that you have to not only love others but love yourself and be the best you can. I tell him all the time that its only failing if you dont try. Time to put that into practice!
Im not "just" a mama* ... Im a Crafty Mama :)
Dont sell yourself short ladies cause your better than you think! Its all about wording :)

*perhaps its not such a great blog name after all lol ;)