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"No Spend June" Update

So we're almost 2 weeks into the month which means I should have in theory saved a nice little chunk of change. 
My target was £50 per week (leaving some wiggle room for the food shop and emergency power since I'm blasting through the washing).

Having tallied up my holiday fund I've managed £144!

How have I managed that?

*scratches head*

Well boys and girls I'll tell you my theory.


Looking through my receipts for the first week I spent £47.13 on the shop for the week ... for the second week I spent around £11.

All the meals have been things we had in the freezer or cupboard. Both making room for new stock and using already bought in food so I'm saving. 

Instead of paying for Agent M to have school dinners, I've been sending him with a packed lunch (guaranteed healthy and saved £20).
His lunches have been a mix of tuna sandwiches (can get 4 sandwiches outta 1 regular sized tin), egg mayo (homemade with spring onion *delicious*) and ham ... along with homemade cupcake or banana bread as a treat and some fruit and a piece of cheese. 

Agent D has been getting his lunch made for him too ... though he gets the luxury of crisps in his packed lunch and a cookie instead of the banana bread cause he doesn't like bananas *strange man*. 
I know i sound like a cruel mama not letting Agent M get crisps in with his lunch but I'm funny about sending him to school with junk food. I would rather he eat proper healthy food and get the occasional handful of crisps with a sandwich or wrap at the weekend. 

Homemade Bread

We've swapped out fizzy juice for diluting juice and when we go out, we take a bottle each with us so we don't have to buy one while out. *Semi related note here ... Ive noticed that my skin has got seriously soft and less prone to break outs since cutting out fizzy juice. BONUS!

Chocolate has been provided by left over Easter eggs (yes we still had some ... not cause we got loads but cause we make it last). I used some of mine to make the chocolate fudge frosting on these cupcakes. They went down a treat :)

The meal planner has been tweaked a little due to getting home late or mama forgetting to take something out of the freezer *doh* but all we done was moved one day to another. Whatever food we did buy was on clearance and if not eaten that night was frozen and I'm very happy to say we have all eaten really well. Got meat in most meals and some form of vegetable in all (salad counts surely).

While both boys are away to I've been spending time with my cooker making loads of treats which I account for the high electric use on the first week but the use of my slow cooker has brought it down noticeably and I've been cooking a bit more than we need. When cooled I've been putting the leftovers like Macaroni cheese or Bolignaise sauce in small tubs and freezing it for a later date. Came in handy a few times when I've been too tired to cook from scratch.

Blueberry Muffins

I'm so surprised at how much we were wasting if we're able to save this much in only two weeks.
Think this definitely needs to be addressed to find a more permanent solution after the holiday.

**On an over all note
I did a comparison on all our utilities to make sure we have the best deal and I called our broadband/TV provider and reduced our monthly package from £76 to £41. This wont really make a difference to the monthly challenge but its nice to know I'm saving from now on.

My only stumble really was on the Agent M front cause he has a school trip I had to pay £2.50 for but I'm not sure if I should could that as a fail cause its a school thing (and I'm still £44 ahead).

Did any of you try the No Spend Challenge? 

How did you do? :)