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Photo Challenge Madness

It was a few months ago that i was introduced to Instagram by my bestie K. She was always liking these pictures that would show up on her facebook page. I asked her one day ... "what is this Instagram that keeps popping up?" "oh you have to join Instagram" she said. "Its great!" ... And she didn't lie!

So i joined and started taking a few pics but it took me a little while to get into the habit of taking photos all the time. Mostly i enjoyed looking at all the beautiful snaps and seeing what people were doing with their planners/Filofaxes. If i found someone i liked, i followed. simple. 

One day i noticed a few people i was following posting #photochallenge on some pictures. So i clicked and as introduced to the wonderful world of monthly photo challenges.

I found one i liked the look of and at the beginning of that month i started snapping away. Now I'm taking photos of everything. getting some lovely snaps of daily life, some nice glimpses of nature, some fun visual reminders of days out or fun activities we done.

To remind myself of the theme of the day, i have notes in my Filofax and i have the screen shot saved in my phone. Agent D has been known to remind me to snap and post. Usually to be told "No worries babe, i got it covered" :)

Since then however, there are more and more photo challenges produced. some of them with different themes i.e food or planners. some have just a random selection of prompts for each day and some have a prompt for the whole week.

Because i enjoy the photo challenge so much I've decided to do not only another one ... but another 2! I know, i know ... that's alot of pics but if u seen me on a daily basis, you'd know these days, I've always go my phone in my hand ready to take a pic at a moments notice. I reckon i can cope :)

So here's my June Photo Challenges ...

Lets get to know a bit about them shall we?

First up is one of the new challenges I'm taking part in. Its by the lovey Erin who can be found on IG as @hobbylane. Below is the June list or you can search #hobbylanePOTD

This challenge is themed to planners/journals/stationary etc. Its my first time doing a specific theme challenge but I'm always working on my Filofax so its about time i joined in and gave my A5 'Crimson King' some IG love (Yes i have given my filo a name. I had to. Hes like my assistant and his little brother had a name. He was my personal 'Purple Prince' lol).


Next up is another new one for me. One I'm kinda intrigued about. Its by @SunnyMatilda who has her very own blog and can be found on twitter and Facebook too.

This is her first time switching to a weekly challenge giving you more freedom to post when you get a chance and not feel like you've fallen behind. Her list is below or you can search #sunnypicchallenge on Instagram.

I love this challenge because it gives me the chance to concentrate on one theme that i could do for an end of week collage or throughout the week as i find something i like. Its flexible and i love it!

For more info and other pretty things have a look at her blog.


Last but certainly not least is the @FatMumSlim challenge by Chantelle . *I really hope she doesn't mind me talking about her. I like to get permission first but she didn't reply to my tweet.

This was the first challenge i ever took part in and it seems to be the one that crops up on my news feed the most. She too has a blog and is on many social media places. Her June list is below or by searching #fmsphotoaday on Instagram. 

There is more info on her blog about the photo challenge (inc "the Fab Four")  as well as some lovely posts and recipes.

So that's my fave three and my Instagram shall be filling up slowly but surly with some photos from the life of Crafty Mama :)