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You cant beat a freebie!

Lets be honest, you can't beat getting something for nothing and we literally did this weekend.
Ive stopped reading newspaper recently due to all this political aggression surrounding the vote for Scottish Independence.

**I don't discuss my views with anyone purely because I have friends who have known each other years and family members who have grown up together now completely disowned each other over this. Ironic that whatever the outcome of the vote Scotland will be divided when its supposed to unite us.

But I digress ...

My dad has continued to read the newspapers and came across some fantastic offers from one on particular ... The Sun.

They ran a Superday's promotion for tickets to Legoland Winsor this summer.

He collected tokens for us and through the post the other day came our 2 free tickets.


Saving of £93 right off the bat and the dates we were given happen to coincide with when we will be down in England anyway. We only need to buy a ticket for Agent M which if we book in advance will be £31.05 ... saving £10.35 (they give 25% off when you book in advance). Plus it came with some extra vouchers to use in the park. 

Not only that, my sister got some free tickets too which amazingly are for the same date so we can all go together. A fun family day out for minimal cost (we can pack a lunch and save fuel by taking one car).

So needless to say I was in a good mood. Then he turned up this morning with another treat for us.
The Sun has run another promotion where you collect the vouchers and get £9.50 worth of food free from Iceland! 

Now yes its called a "footie feast" and we care about the football in our house as much as we care about the 'Britain's got the x factor celeb talent in the Jungle with someones big brother' ... aye that show lol ... But its all food that we like and can do us a good few meals. 

Not to mention its COMPLETELY FREE!

Safe to say i was a very happy mama :)