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A day at the Bristol Science Centre

After the aquarium we still had a few hours to kill and like I said before, everything is so close to each other. So we decided to walk next door to @Bristol - the science centre.

Again I had a look on voucher cloud and found £1.50 off each ticket (I love this app!). And because we Gift Aided, we got 3×£1 vouchers to use in the canteen or gift shop.

When we went inside there were loads of school kids. Suppose its the draw back to holidays in England when their schools are still on.

The lower level had alot of little activities relating to how things work like water wheels and light reflection.
They also had alot about the human body which we found really interesting. Agent M is fascinated with how his body works and I was really surprised at how much he actually knew when questioned by one of the ladies working there.

I let him take my blood pressure which must have been high as he didn't quite stop squeezing the pump when asked and that cuff got tight *feeling came back after a bit though so its all good (she says through nervous laughter)*

It was funny watching Agent M try out all the medical equipment. He was hysterical when he was trying to play doctor and find my heart beat with a stethoscope (I apparently didn't have one for a while ... I blame the shock of that blood pressure cuff about to pop my arm off lol) ... I completely threw his little mind when asked if it was louder when he was on the inside :)

~I will say at this point I had videos and photos a plenty of all of this but my SD card decided to through the most epic of wobblers and delete all 500+ of my photos from our holiday ... including the science centre and zoo. I had a good wee cry about this and didn't wanna play anymore as my photos of Agent D's birthday were gone too :( ... Thankfully I pinched some Agent D had taken.

Anyway ...

We didn't get to try all of the exhibits because of the schools, which was a little disappointing but there were some we got to try and it was fun seeing the veins pumping in Agent D's hand. 

Watching the agents build a body was fun. I don't think Agent M realised just how big the human organs were in comparison to the body. You don't see to scale in his books :)

Upstairs was an exhibit about Animation ... like Morph and Wallace & Gromit. This was by far my favourite bit. I love seeing stuff like this. Makes me wanna break out the plasticine and see what i can come up with lol.

While Agent D went looking around, Agent M and I parked ourselves at the drawing board and crated some monsters :) He was having a blast looking at the different facial expressions. Id love to show you his finished monster but it unfortunately was one of my pictures and we added it to the wall in the exhibit. It was very cool though. Think shrek with horns :)

We got to see how the were rabbit was made. I wouldn't have thought the inside was quite as mechanical as it was. For some reason in my head i was thinking it was like the basic joints of a barbie. Shows how much i know lol. 

There was a computer set up that allowed you to make Wallace talk showing the different expressions needed. It would have been brilliant to have a go of this but there was a wee group at it and we didn't get a chance.

There were displays set up with the models which was really cool. You can see Agent M trying to photo bomb here but mama was too quick for him :) This display had soooo much detail. The books and everything where all painted to perfection and it looked amazing.

And Wallace and Gromit in their tiny street :) You cant see it from the pictures but everything was so meticulous. The bricks, the bushes, even the tyres were detailed. There must have been a huge amount of time and effort gone into these displays which really paid off cause they are AMAZING!

There were other experiments we could do upstairs like giant Lego bricks (Agent M was gutted that he couldn't get a go cause it was mobbed) and seeing how magnets work. The Agents went to the build a bridge table and they were working as a team. Agent D explaining why things had to be one way instead of another. *You can almost see Agent M's little brain ticking when hes taking all this info in. Hes fascinated by how things work. To be encouraged i think :) *

They then gave trying to make an arch stand a go. That one didn't go as well as they hoped. I did take a video of the arch being built and then its inevitable collapse but it was lost *I'm still annoyed ... can you tell?*

It was a fun day but it would have been better value for the money if we got to try all the experiments. Guess it was just our bad luck there were a few schools there too. Agent M did enjoy the bits we could try and I'm all for him learning new things so it wasn't a total loss.