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Birthday at the beach and a surprise craft stall

Yesterday was Agent M's birthday ... thats right ... my bearded wonder turned 25 and contrary to his previous "I don't want to be 25 ... thats old" *I swear I could cry when he says that being the older of the two*, he had a blast!

It was arranged weeks ago that we would have a day out at the beach so when the day came and it was raining, we were a little gutted.

Quick checks of weather apps and we found that later on in the morning Devon was to be dry so we packed up the cars and headed south. *A long journey because mama forgot to bring Agent M's book so that 2 hours went in slow for him ... ooops*

When we got there, the weather was gorgeous!
We set up blankets and had a lovely picnic lunch.

Agent D bought a bucket and spade for Agent M (though truth be told, I think he wanted it too lol).

They built castles

They skimmed stones along the water

Unfortunately,  the rain clouds followed us and after a couple of hours we had to give up.
Rather than call time on our nautical day, we decided to go to Brixham and watch the boats.

When we got there the sun was shining and the boats were plenty

Including a pirate ship!

We went for a walk along the harbor and we found a beautiful little craft market. Well ... that was me! I was gone and had to be dragged out of there by Agent D :)

I spoke to some of the crafters about their products and had a look at the beautiful pieces.

There was stalls filled with hand knitted wares for babies. 

A stall with garden decorations made out of clay and wood. 

Personalised door signs for kids.

A bath and body stall full of homemade soaps, bath bombs and candles.

A stall with wooden decorated jewellery boxes and pencil cases.

A stall with photographs

And my fave was a stall with hand made aprons and bunting etc. I saw a beautiful apron that I just had to get for Agent M.
Isnt it gorgeous!

After a long walk we decided tea was needed so we went to a little cafe and recharged with teas and coffees while Agent M got a treat by way of a MASSIVE icecream.

I was nervous the entire time incase the blue bubblegum ended up all over his white top but he done well ... only got it all over his face :)

On the way back to the car we found a beautiful little shop with bags and scarfs. I popped in and found this beautiful backpack.

The buttons are so cute :)

All in it was a great day and Agent D had a wonderful time.

Just wait till he gets his wee surprise party next week when we're at my mums :)
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