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Birthday Barbecue

Ok, So ... Agent D turned 25 last Saturday and because we were in Bristol staying with his mum, i couldn't get to organise anything for it. Lucky for us his mum wanted to go to the beach so at least it wasn't a day stuck in the house.

I did however plan to do a wee something with my mum this week when we came to stay with her ... A Barbecue to celebrate his 25th regeneration. *apologies to any Who-vians out there if i messed that up. I'm new to the who*

While everyone was off doing their own thing in the morning i set about making the cupcakes ... I used the same recipe i always to *If it ain't broke don't fix it right?*

Now, I hate cooking in other peoples kitchens. You never know where anything is and I'm very self conscious in case i spill something without noticing *flour gets everywhere* or use something they wanted for a different recipe.  

BUT ...

Having cooked in this kitchen before, It wasn't too bad and she has an AMAZING kitchen gadget ...

A Standing Food Mixer

*Insert opening music from titanic here*

I have ALWAYS wanted a food mixer ... The amount i bake and the electric whisk i have ... it would be a godsend. The price tag however isn't holy ... its down right demonic. I look every home sale to see if i can find one in the £20 range but its never happened ... *Sob*

Anyway ... I got to baking (You can find the recipe here) and put it into the Dr Who Cases i got from Lakeland ... *I was trying to go with a Doctor Who theme* ... and baked them in the oven.


While they were baking, i got to making the Butter Icing ... Again i used the food mixer ... Its sooooo much fun. And being able to move about without holding an electric whisk that makes my hand hurt, while the ingredients are mixing is such a time saver. Anyway ... once mixed together i added blue food colouring to it to keep with the Dr Who :)

My phone battery died before i could get more photos of the cooling cakes or me piping the icing unfortunately.

I melted down some chocolate and poured it into the mould i bought. Due to the heat though, it wouldn't set and the fridge was full of prepared salad and marinading meat so i ended up having to pop this in the freezer. Thankfully its freezer safe though so ... Bonus :)

I also brought a packet of this to decorate the cakes with. I didn't know they still made it till i seen it in a shop one day, i used to eat this stuff then take a sip of a fizzy drink *such a maverick i know lol* 

So anyway ... These are some of the finished cakes ...

And Agent D got to be first to taste *cough guinea pig cough*

He LOVED them

*I always get a kick outta watching people enjoy the stuff i make. Its like an ego boost*

When everyone got back we enjoyed a lovely BBQ for dinner ... and managed to get Agent M out the hot tub long enough to eat a burger :)

The pleasant outside activities didn't last long though cause after an hour or so the thunder started which was our cue to get cleared up and get inside. It was fun though.

The night wasn't wasted though cause both Agents, my mum and myself all sat to watch A series of Unfortunate events with the Birthday cake Agent M and i decorated ... 

I know his numbers aren't exactly "neat" but he made them all on his own which to us makes them perfect :)