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Holiday Craft Loot Bags

Its here ...

The dreaded summer holidays that show up every year to provide distress and grey hairs to parents of the 5-12 sector (after 12 they pretty much amuse themselves right?).

Well here it is and this time ... I'm prepared!

We're into the first week and I've got Agent D set up for some Mythical Maze Activities. Hes been signed up to a Commonwealth camp at the Ayrshire Athletic Arena and I've got the movies for the Odeon kids screen noted in my diary.

For 2 weeks however we will be going down south to visit the families which had thrown me through a loop.

What can I do with him on a budget in Bristol or in Peterborough?

How can I counter the "I'm bored ... mummy mummy mummy mummy .... I'm boooooored" before i reach for the headache tablets while he throws a wobbler?

Then it dawned on me ... a loot bag!

Its the same idea as the rainy day box we have but in a bag (some including a wee sweet).

Ive got some bits and pieces together and on the days that we have nothing planned or we're stuck inside cause the rain, he can pick a random bag and do whatever is inside.

Some have colouring in and puzzles and some have craft kits like making puppets or masks.

Best bit is ... most of the stuff we had in the rainy day box anyway and what we don't use will get put back there so its not cost me much

One thing that is new is the loom bands. Agent M has thrown himself into this latest craze and I'll be honest, I'm enjoying the bracelets hes making me. I have found him some patterns for characters and the like so during the holidays we're gonna see what we can make :)

Loom bands are everywhere but I've found them in the likes of poundland and discount UK which beats the £2.50 per pack in some of the shops or websites. Ive noticed you can get charms to add but I think he'd lose his teeny tiny marbles if I presented him with a hello kitty pack (the most common one I've found). 

Since he's now Pokemon daft too I was giddy when I found this summer annual in poundland too. Puzzles, stickers, colouring and Pokemon profiles. Hes gonna love it! I added a pack of the bands to this one too cause I can guarantee he'll try to make some of the Pokemon characters :)

One pack I'm holding back for a specific day though. 
We're planning a day out at Warwick Castle so I think its fitting that he have this pack to open in the car ride there. *No "are we there yet?" to make mama crack on a 3h drive plus its educational* 

I'm really excited to see how much he likes the packs and what he comes up with. 

Who says that you can't craft on the go? Lol

How do you keep the kids amused during the holidays?
Do you find they get bored easily? 

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