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Homemade Rice Crispy treats

When I was little we used to stay over at my Granny's alot. Even on the days we didn't stay over, we used to visit alot *helped that she stayed on the same street* and one thing that I remember (along with the argument in the morning as to who got to make the scrambled egg with Granny's special whisk) was of my Aunt making rice crispy treats.

We used to love when she said she'd make them and the recipe is so simple its stuck with me through the years.

Its equal amounts of everything; toffee, marshmallows, butter and rice crispy's.

Its a walk in the park!

So for our "English-land adventure" I decided to make some :)

Now, like I said the quantities are all the same so I usually go by the number of grams in the toffees (since its always the least). In this case the bag i got had 175g ... so thats now the magic number in this recipe.

*I'll say at this point, I was intentionally wanting a large batch. It was a long journey and I was giving some to another family member so I was cool with this large portion. There is nothing stopping you lowering it to say 100g for a smaller batch (though they will go fast lol).

So heres what you do ...

Measure out your equal amounts butter and melt it in a BIG pot over a medium heat *you want it to melt, not burn*

Measure out the equal amounts marshmallows and unwrap your toffees. 

Add it all to the pot and continue to mix till its all melted and looks like a light caramel. *the marshmallows will swell and can spit at you if the temp is too high so be careful*

Take the mix off the heat and start to stir in the rice crispy's *using equal amounts will give you a good coating that's not too 'gooey'. You can add less or more depending on what your preference is.

Pour the mix into a greased dish *I love my silicone trays for this* or you could spoon into individual cake cases if preferred. And allow to set in the fridge for a few hours. 

Once set tip out onto a work surface and cut into desired slices with a sharp knife and enjoy.

Ive experimented over the years with this recipe and found there is lots of things you can add to this like using flavoured toffes or melt chocolate on top. Its up to you to decide :)