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Loom band giveaway

Sound the alarms ... lower the life boats ...  time to break out the keys to the bunker for earth has been invaded ...


They are the latest kid craze (that have also been quite popular with parents too) that from what I gather started as bracelets but have advanced to making pretty much anything you can think of ...

Make your very own Disney princesses (plus Olaf cause he rocks lol)

Chill with your very own mama and baby penguin

*I'm serious ... I've seen everything from rings and bracelets to animals and phone cases ... all the way up to clothing that's sold for crazy money*

I was introduced to them when Agent M came home from school one day chuffed to bits that his best mate made him this bracelet. It was all shades of blue and to me was just twisted rubber bands but he put so much value on it because his friend had made something specifically for him.

Next day I was being begged and bribed for a packet of these little things. 

"If I fold the washing can I get a packet?" 
"Hows about I take the dog for a walk for pocket money?"
"Do you need help with anything mum?" Eyes looking hopeful

The outcome i knew was loom bands

So, we took a trip into town but we couldn't for the life of us find anyone that sold them. Every door to the shop had wee notes saying "sorry sold out". He was gutted!

Not one to miss out he began a business so to speak. He would make a trade in exchange for loom bands. Each day he would come home and tell me about his latest trade "I got this bracelet for a packet of mini party rings" ... or my personal fave "I carried her bag all day for a necklace". I'm not sure I was 100% behind the whole trade thing and some of the kids he did trade with changed their minds later and wanted their bands back but it's his choice in the end.

He did all this to get some bands to see what he could make ... and he taught himself by working out how the ones he got where made, pulling them apart and rebuilding them again.

By the time we next went into town there were packets galore so he had a rummage in the basket they were displayed in for "boys colours" *no small feat to be fair* and I paid the £2.50 for a camo packet *believe me I was horrified that I spent that money when I knew Poundland where waiting on stock but I made a promise and he was ecstatic*

Home we went and the bracelet making began.

When his Granny gave him money, he bought himself a board to try more patterns and so my house became infested with them. Like colourful little bugs that get everywhere and my Hoover seems to find every other day.

My immediate family have all been made bracelets or rings and I've got a tub full of all the little things he's made. *even my filofax got some bling with a loom charm he made me* 

Anyway ...

Since he got into them ... mama has got into them and I gotta say ... they are actually really fun :)

So to celebrate the summer (and mourn the silence given by school days) I've decided to host a giveaway featuring *yip you've guessed it* Loom Bands!

Up for grabs ...

  • A few packets of loom bands in assorted colours (plus some glow in the dark ones)
  • A selection of charms (donated by Agent M cause he "wants to help")
  • Some clips for bracelets
  • A couple of hook tools
  • A peg board

The entry form is below ... good luck :)