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No spend June - The final tally

Apologies for the delay in getting the update posted

Am having to use the app on my phone just now as Agent D has needed his net book and this app keeps crashing on me. *I really miss my laptop :( *

So, as you know I was attempting to save money for the holiday by doing a No Spend June (click here for the original post).

Well ... its now July which means its time to crack open the money jar and see what I saved.

I boiled the kettle, made a cuppa and got counting and I'm beyond chuffed to say I manged to save £288.43 ... a full £88.43 above target.

I'm so giddy! Especially since I stumbled slightly and had to spend on non necessities a couple of times. The total of that was below £20 though so that's not too bad for a whole month.

On the long term I've managed to reduce some of my bills and I've decided we will continue on the frugal eating path. 

Who knows, perhaps I can save up for a new laptop *yeah right ... extreme wishful thinking there ... but a gal can dream*

Did any of you try the No Spend Challenge?
If so how well did you do? :)