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C is for ...

Agent D is stock car daft.

He used to go with his family when he was a got and it's a passion that has only grown (to the point he wants to buy and race his own stock car)

It's something Agent M and I are trying to get into cause it means so much to him and last weekend we experienced our first ever world final event.

That's why C is For Coventry.

Last Friday and Saturday, Coventry Motor Speedway played host to the Brisca F1 World Final and we got to witness the Final race from the comfort of a Hospitality box :)

Agent D's uncle was there and was kind enough to give us free tickets to the box. *I looked up the ticket price and was shocked. £75 per ticket! We 3 lucked out big time!*

In the box we could see the whole track and I was delighted to be up so high as big crowds freak me out. It was kinda relaxing being high enough not to see them all.

Lots of people render me stressed and anxious

They had a great food spread on so we had a party style dinner and there was a bar right out side the box which was reasonably priced (plus we got a complementary drink each).

Lots of yummy food

The racing was brilliant.

We saw the banger racing the night before along with some F2 cars but Saturday was mainly dedicated to the F1's as it was their world final (though we did see some saloon stocks and one heritage race).

Heritage in the afternoon

Saloons in the evening

The main event was brilliant. It started out with fireworks and you could feel the buzz in the air. Everyone was getting so into it. Shouting for their favourite driver. Even I got into it cheering on number 388 - Paul Ford (the only Scottish driver ... I was feeling patriotic).

Congrats to the winner :)

The race started and was stopped only minutes in with a mass pile up at the turn right in front of us. It took a wee while to clear the track and get started again but thankfully no one got hurt.

It took a few more tries before the race could continue to completion and the crowd went nuts as number 55 - Craig Finnikin won the race and got the gold roof.

It was a fantastic atmosphere and I could totally see how Agent D gets so excited over it all but I don't think I could stomach watching him race. There are so many crashes and bashes as it's such a competitive sport. Pretty sure I'd have a nervous breakdown watching him.

All the excitement did get a little too much for Agent M who was fit to drop by the end of the night :)

All got a bit much for Agent M

All in it was an amazing weekend.

We finished up in Northampton on the Sunday for the mini stock world final. By then I was pretty beat and watching the children driving cars was blowing my mind a bit. (Mini stocks is for aged 7 - 15 ... That's Agent M's age!).

A windy day in Northampton

It was nice to experience the whole family thing with Agent D and his uncle. It was like being part of his family tradition.

Only thing I will say is I'm still finding bits of Shale in my shoes :)