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A month so far ... Student life

Being an adult student is a lot more effort than when your at secondary school (or high school).

There are a whole host of issues that you just don't have to deal with when your younger. When I was at secondary school I didn't have any 'real' responsibilities. I say 'real' cause maintaining a social life and catching up on the "IT show" on TV doesn't constitute a responsibility. Even the days when you mum made you tidy your room or help set the dinner table are a far cry from what you have to deal with as an adult.

When your an adult student you have a whole set of REAL responsibilities!
  • You like having a roof over you head? well get the rent paid.
  • Enjoy heating in the freezing weather? Well you better find some money to feed that gas meter.
  • Speaking of food, have you grown partial to that whole eating phase everyone seems to be into? Well, Only some of that grows on trees so you better find some pennies to buy that food.

And that's only a taster or what you have to deal with.
  • Wait ... Your also a parent? Awe, heck ... here's some more issues just to keep you on your toes!
  • Your kids school opens at 8.50am, You start at 9am and you cant drive. Make it in on time to college while depending on public transport.
  • Oops ... Your kids not well ... you have no time to find a sitter and you wont get your bursary payment if your attendance falls below 100%
  • Now your kids all better and back at school but low and behold, you've now caught what ever industrial strength bug that the playground harbours but you have an assessment due in and there's still that pesky attendance rule.

Honestly ... Its not easy!

I don't know why there is a stigma about students being lazy and just wanna party. If your serious about learning, its a lot harder than it looks.

In fact, after the last 5 weeks I've thought more often than not that I've went and made my life more difficult than ever.
I've not been this tired since Agent M was a baby and I feel like my house is collapsing around me as my weekends are spent doing the housework I didn't have a chance to get to during the week.
I'm only just getting myself into a routine and everything that I enjoy as a crafty mama is falling by the way side. No time is down time as make up is applied in the bus down and emails a replied to in the bus up.
If it cant be cooked and eaten in 10 minutes then it wont get eaten during the day and I'm having a sordid affair with the coffee machine in the canteen just so I can feel even remotely human during the long days on my feet.

BUT ... *there is always a but ain't there lol*

Its worth it!

I'm enjoying the course. I've made some friends that share similar interests and I can actually have an adult conversation without the inclusion of any tiny people going "mum ... mum ... mum ... look mum ... mum ... mum" lol. I feel like I'm getting the chance to learn a skill that I can use to make a career for myself. *Note I said career, not job ... I wanna make a living doing something I actually enjoy. No more call centre work in my future*

Its fast paced and its hands on ... I'm loving it :)

In terms of the finance side, living on a student budget isn't exactly the most luxurious. There is a reason you see scruffy students counting out pennies to buy cans of value baked beans. Every penny is precious. I've almost became Gollum when it comes to money.

*I wants it ... cant haves it ... the precious, the purse is the precious*

There are however ways to survive the ways of student life.

I've been compiling tips and tricks to survive the ways of student life (wither or not your a parent) and will aim to post a "Survival guide" as it were.

*I'm finding loads of student discounts and offers at the moment ... I'll be sure to post links and lists for you all*