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Jingle ... Bite Me!

Its that time of year again ...

Where the adverts on TV have a distinct Jingle theme and the stores have the toy shelves stocked with the "IT" toys to have.

Yeah that's right, It time to say the 'C' word ... Christmas.

*Oh how dirty do i feel saying that before we've carved the pumpkins and cracked out the candy corn*

The list had begun and like the last 3 years in a row Agent M has asked Santa for the Lego Death Star. And like the last 3 years in a row he has more chance of getting a pig to fly round the moon than 'Santa' bringing him it because ho ho holy crap is it expensive!

This one set is almost a months Rent

So as i talk him round to maybe a WWE Brawling Buddy or maybe a Ninja Turtle set, I'm realising that i hate this festive season more and more as he gets older.

Truth is i just cant afford to spoil him the way I'd like. I spend my money on things like Rent, Power and food. Although i know he appreciates having a roof over his head and clothes on his back, i still feel that pang of guilt when the holidays roll around.

I feel like the Grinch's cranky sister come December

So perhaps i should think outside the box ... The craft box to be precise. 

I'm wondering if i can make some crafty things to sell to add to the "Christmas Fund" so I've decided to set up an Etsy shop (Link in the orange "E" box under my profile).

Im also going to see if their are any corners i can cut to make it a magical Christmas on a tight budget. Chicken instead of Turkey perhaps? Home made gifts for family?

Along with 3 for 2, Buy one get one free's and my student discounts, I'm making the next couple of months as frugal as possible.

I'm gonna try to do a whole Christmas (gifts for everyone, food, extra gas & power, and a unfortunately a new tree) for £400.

By my count its 9 weeks till Christmas so I'm gonna give myself 8 weeks to save (which works out to £50 a week i need to save).

I guess we'll see just how well i do ... or if Santa will be leaving an I.O.U under the tree.

How do you prepare for the festive season?

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