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Reasons to Celebrate

I love October. Its a month of magical 'lovely-nisk' *that might not be an actual word but it just fits and i love saying it lol*

Its the month that hosts the best holiday of the year Halloween. There are amazing decorations in stores which i love cause we're starting to get into it in the UK (though no where near as impressive as the USA).

There is a holiday week slap bang in the middle of it so we can have long lies and PJ days without going out in the rain for the school run. Granted we have spent this week with me trying to catch up on house work but Agent M has been drawing and enjoying playing with his Ninja Turtles and watching WWE wrestling (His two latest addictions).

The Miz and John Cena by Agent M

This October we welcomed a new addition to the already massive family in the form of my baby cousin who is just so tiny and smushy! (I love new born babies) and we have spent time catching up with other family members.

Its been a nice couple of weeks so far ... but I'm forgetting something ...

Oh yeah ...

I got old :)

On the 12th i turned a year older ... taking me ever so closer to 30 lol

Even Google was wishing me a happy birthday :)

I had a lovely day on Saturday (the 11th) as Agent M and i went into town for a spot of lunch.

I love my little man so much :)

I made a point of eating light though as when Agent M went with his papa to sleep over, Agent D took me out for a meal and to the pictures to see Annabelle (I love horror movies and was desperate to see it!).

Loved getting dressed up for a night out :)

I got spoilt for my birthday with a new Laptop (Its purple and shiny and I'm just in love with it), clothes, a craft book and some money. All in it was a good weekend.

This weekend the celebrations have continued as its Agent D and my first anniversary. Yip, Its been a whole year since we met and officially became a couple. We think of it as today (the 19th) is the day we became a family. And in keeping with the family theme, last night we went out for a meal to celebrate. It was lovely having both my boys with me and talking about all the things that we've done this year.

yummy food with gorgeous boys

Like the day of my birthday though, today (also a Sunday) will be just chilled out like every other Sunday before the weekday madness starts. I've got a home made pulled pork in the slow cooker as i type and the day shall be spent watching movies and cuddling up. A perfect way to spend an anniversary really :)

*I honestly cant believe its been a year since we got together. Its flown in! ... Suppose that's a good sign, that whole "time flies" bit must be true*

So till next time lovely peoples, I'm off to watch the Lego Movie with my boys :)

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