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Student Survival Guide: Student Discounts

How expensive is being a student?!

Its hard when your living off a bursary or a student grant and you have to make ends meet from payment to payment. You need to pay for everyday necessities like food and clothing as well as any college/uni supplies like books and notepads.

Imagine just how hard it is if your also a parent having to run a home, family and navigate student life. 

Its expensive!

well ... I've got some good news.

There is a light at the end of the financial tunnel and its Student Card shaped!

Yip! That small credit card shaped piece of plastic you have to cart about campus with you is actually a gate way to a wonderful world of discounts that will help you survive your academic life and make the monthly budget a little more palatable when used right.

Let me show you how.

Lets start with the key websites.

UniDays - Its a website that gives you access to loads of on-line discount codes that are exclusive to students. All you have to do is sign up an account using your college/Uni email address (the one that has .ac.uk in it). Your 'education establishment' should be listed in the drop down box so they can verify that you are in fact a student and your good to go.

NUS - This is the National Union of Students website which as well as gives you access to discounts, also has alot of help and advice for all aspects of student life. Their discount card which can be used in stores costs £12 but this is for the full year and provided you remember to use it, your going to recoup the cost of the card easily.

Now, What kinda discounts can you get?
Well I've been having a look through and have found some great on-line and in store deals for students.

Need something nice to wear?

Fancy going out to celebrate that assessment with friends?

Some other useful extras I've found 

Now, these are just a small sample of the discounts you can get ... Many stores and restaurants have student discounts that aren't always advertised. And you know how to find them? 


When I'm in a store, i always ask if they do student discounts. It drives Agent D nuts but if I've got the chance to save some money on a pair of jeans or a DVD then I'm gonna do it! 

Its proving to be a valuable way to shop for Christmas too (yeah i know i said the bad word). Ive saved a nice wee bit so far on both their Christmas prezzies just by asking "Do you do any discounts for students?". and if they don't, well then now you know and you don't need to ask again. 

Its not a big deal. No need to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. Its there to be used!

Have you came across any great student offers?