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The Mummy Tag

I love these Tags that fellow bloggers are doing. It's a wee bit of fun but it lets you get to know people I think. I've had some interesting conversations with people over the things that have been posted in the Tags.

Last time was the Autumn Tag (which can be found HERE) ... After a read through other blogs i found the Mummy Tag. I learnt about lots of different ways people parent and got to share in some lovely memories from their baby days so I thought I'd pick up the tag so it continued on :)

So here's my answers ...

Are you a stay at home mum or a working mum?
I'm a bit of both now. I'm a student mum which means I'm at college 3 days a week but the rest I'm at home.

Would you have it any other way?
Right now no, I like the situation. I've gone the full time working where I couldn't see Agent M as much as I want and done the stay at home thing where I felt really alone and isolated. Just now I'm out when he's at school so he's not missing out on much time with me but I'm also out with adults where I can leave my mummy mode off and interact as myself *that sounds daft I know but it's hard to explain*.

Do you co sleep?
Oh no! Agent M is 7 ... he has been in his own bed since he was born (granted it was a coat at the beginning). I was too scared to have him in bed with me in case he wiggled under the covers or I accidentally hurt him by moving in my sleep. Only time he ever really slept in with me was when he was sick so I could keep an eye on him but even then that stopped after about 5. He moves about too much to sleep in beside me anyway. Would be like sleeping with an octopus ... arms and legs all over the place.

He's a wriggler

What is your must have item for your baby/child?
When he was a baby it was his chicken teddy (called chicken) and his "urp cloth" (a muslin). When he was teething it's the only way I could get him to sleep and it became a comfort to him. 

Snuggling with pooh bear and chicken

Now he's older my must have is ironically my kindle. I have stories on it for him and I downloaded a paint app too so when we are out and about, if he starts to get bored (which will soon escalate to moaning and groaning), I whip out my kindle and he's quite happy to read a book :)

How many kids do you plan on having?
I did always want two but since splitting with Agent M's biological dad I gave up on the idea of having another child. Agent D doesn't want to have any more kids anyway so I'm content with Agent M.

Date nights? How often do you have them?
Not often enough! We are lucky if we have a date night (just the two of us either going out or a night in) once a month. It's difficult cause my mum and sister live in England and I'm in Scotland cause I'm limited as to who can have Agent M overnight. 

Your child's favourite show?
Pokemon ... I miss the days of Art Attack but am soooo glad In the Night Garden is quickly thing of the past (I still have the songs embedded in my brain though)

"Gotta catch them all" ... or so I'm told

Name one thing you bought before you had the baby and never ended up using.
I didn't buy it but I was given a changing table/trolley thing that i never used. Changing mat on the rug was sufficient enough (plus no big deal if he rolled over cause he wouldn't get hurt). I bought a baby carrier/sling but it was used once then never looked at again.

Your child's favourites food
Chicken ... in its many forms :)

How many cars does you family have?
One as only Agent D can drive (though if he had his own way, we would have a stock car out front too).

Weight gain - before pregnancy, during, after and now?
Oft, getting right personal here! Ok before I was a curvy woman with manageable DD boobies ... during I actually lost nearly 2 stone due to severe morning sickness (midwife threatened a wee stay in hospital a few times cause it got so bad) ... after I ballooned unfortunately which depressed the crap outta me. It's hard to feel like a yummy mummy with a jelly belly and G cup boulders attached to my chest ... now I'm a bit more comfortable in my own body. I'm back to my pre baby dress size and although my boobs won't shrink past an E cup and my body still has stretch marks, I'm content. I made a little person. I'm proud my body managed it :)

Dream holiday with your kids?
Halloween in Disney world Florida. Going to the park at night for a Halloween party ... trick or treating with Mickey Mouse ... seeing all the villains ... the decorations ... the costumes ... the parades ... meeting Jack and Sally from Nightmare before Christmas ... Going in the haunted mansion ... an American Halloween with a Disney Twist. Oh we'd be in heaven!

I would love to spend the Halloween here

Dream holiday without kids?
Suppose it would be cruel to still go to Disney lol ... probably New Orleans. Get to have a long lie, visit the French quarter, try some proper southern cuisine, go on the ghost tours through the city of the dead, hear about all the voodoo legends ... AMAZING!

One of the streets in the City of the Dead

How has your life changed since having kids?
I sleep less, worry more, have less money BUT I have a reason to get up in the morning. I have someone who depends on me which makes you realise just what unconditional love really is. Hearing your child call you mum and say "I love you" beats any feeling in the world. I would never change being a mum. That little boy is my everything!

Finish this sentence "it makes my heart melt when ..."
I Agent M gives me kisses and cuddles "just cause".

Where do you shop for your kids?
Depends what we're talking ...
Food- We shop in Asda
Clothes- Again normally George at Asda or sometimes primark cause I don't see the point in getting him really expensive clothes for everyday use as he will ruin them when he's playing. The 'good' clothes he has for going out is from Next or TKMaxx.

Favourite make-up and skin care products?
I love love love benefit! It just sits perfectly but it's so frickin expensive I literally save up months just to get one or two bits. Most of what I have I got from freebies in magazines. I love Urban Decay too. They do the best eye liners! Am still living in hope that one day I will own my very own naked palette. I do have a lot of No7 as it's a little cheaper and selection of colours are gorgeous.

Oh if only :(

Skincare wise i use Soap and Glory. I love it! Use the moisturiser and the wipes on my face and the bath and body products on the rest of my skin. It smells amazing and the ranges can be broken up into scents so you can match up with the wash, body butter and spritz. Mist you madly is my favourite!

Huggies or Pampers?
Huggies cause they were more absorbent at night time.

Have you always wanted kids?
Yeah, I've always wanted my own family and always said I would start young. And i did :)

Best part of being a mum?
Oh that's a hard one to narrow it down to one thing. I guess for me it's the feeling that I belong to someone. I have a little piece of me running around that I get to watch grow up. A person that I love more than anything and that no matter what will always be mine and I his.

Now it's all you lovely ladies turn ... I tag any and all yummy mummy's out there who wanna join in :)