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F is for ...

OK, so ... I'm a bit of a pest when it comes to being organised. I like to know whats happening and when its happening. I'm not one for 'winging it'. It makes me anxious.

I used to have a pocket in my bag for all these little notes and appointment cards but i kept having that sickening feeling that i was forgetting something ... *one time forgetting a dentist appointment and getting a £15 fine ... gutted!*

After that i decided to buy myself a diary and when Amazon threw up the Violet Personal Domino for £15, i fell in love :)

That's why F is for Filofax

A wee bit of nostalgia for you. Did you ever have the FunFax growing up?

I had loads of these growing up. The Original one, the Disney, the Spy one ... I still have the horror file a decade later :)

These were like my introduction to the world of organisers as a kid. (Through granted i didn't have half as much stuff to keep on top of back then).

So when my first Filofax (the big girl version) arrived i was thrilled. I had all my bits of paper ready to go and i had bought some stickers and coloured pens to jazz it up :)

And then i was hooked!

Over time, I went all out! I decorated and filled my little Filofax till i was satisfied ... I used it for almost 2 years, taking it EVERYWHERE!
Then disaster struck ... I had ran outta space. The rings weren't holding all the paper i had and i was loosing sheets. 

Gutted i was then on the hunt for the size up, An A5. It was almost double the size so there was more room to write.

Come Christmas last year, Agent D surprised me with a Red A5 Domino. Again i was in love. It was beautiful although because it was second hand it was slightly damaged. The pen hoops were holding on my a hope and a prayer but being the little trooper it was, It served my needs for a good wee while. I just couldn't stand the idea of it ripping further though, so a few months ago it was put into retirement and Agent D bought my Purple A5 Domino.

Why stick with Domino? 
Well ask any Filo-Fan. They all have a preference. Some like the Malden and the Original is a classic for a reason but for me, The domino is my go to cause the elastic band that holds it all together. I love that i can slip things in and out knowing the band will hold it all together. I have times when my diary is bulging at the seams and times where its only the papers inside the ring and i know that no clips are going to be damaged and i don't need to have it fastened with a popper to hold it shut. I just loop the band over all my stuff inside and I'm off.

I made sure the pages and covers were how i wanted them to be. I bought disgustingly expensive paper under the idea that I'm always going to have my A5 so i want something I'm going to love forever and that will last a long time.

Its quite a difference from the 99p for 2 sheets that were used on my Personal (the ones with the pumpkin) compared to the £11 for 10 sheets i used for my A5. Believe me, i missed the coffee i had to give up to save up for it at the time, but I'm so happy with them. I wanted something beautiful and i got what i paid for. You can still see the metallic finish even though i laminated them. Definitely a good idea if you are serious about your Filofax.

*To be honest, I've not came across may who aren't serious about their Filofax. They are bloody expensive if bought brand new (even the Red A5 second hand was £30). Its an investment that many appreciate. Though Agent D doesn't get why some people buy the £100+ filos, i do. I personally feel like my filo is an extension on me. Its literally got my life in it and it comes with me everywhere. people customise their phones and bags. I have my diary!*

Since getting my Personal i have collected quite a few bits and pieces for decorating. From Stamps to washi tapes ... I have quite a collection. The picture below is seriously just a taster as the big box with all my stamps and the like in it is to heavy for me to take out to snap a picture of.

Though i don't decorate to the extent that some others do (I've seen people cover the pages with very little space to write). I use the blank pages to doodle or try to keep the decoration on the main diary to a minimum. I tend to use different coloured inks and post-its to decorate.

I cant really show you the contents of my main diary as i have alot of personal stuff in there but my monthly is a small sample of the colourful-nisk i like. I use stickers to tell me things, Like who's on holiday from work or school or when something is due like rent or phone bills.

Moving from Personal to A5 was a good move for me cause i have 3 peoples schedules to keep up with these days as well as keeping track of clubs, assessments, birthdays, bills, addresses and now my blog.
Look at the evolution from Personal to Colourful A5

I honestly couldn't live without my Filofax cause nothing would get done when it was supposed to. I love that i have everything to hand when i need it. Like my own little secretary that fits in my bag.

I have so many groups i follow in Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest that are Filo-themed ... Its like like an addiction (though Agent D will call it an obsession) ...

Are you a filo-fan? Feel free to check out my Filofax board below and see if you can take any inspiration :)