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Where did the time go?

I've lost a week!!!

I'm not sure how its managed to slip my grasp but in the blink of an eye we've gone from the end of October to a week into November.

All my Halloween ideas fell by the way side as i had 2 assessments and a workshop all in the same week. *plus side i passed my colour assessment*

I didnt bake any cookies, no cupcakes came out my kitchen, not even a caramel apple was made. I did manage to dress up (though not as a day of the dead skeleton as planned). Between my WW2 Victory Rolls and Agent M's Ninja Turtle we had a rather pitiful Halloween. *I didn't even get my horror night as i fell asleep early*.

The other night was Guy Fawkes and we didn't even have a nosey at the fireworks. Agent M was asleep by 7.30pm and i was typing away on the laptop trying to plough my way through these college notes. 

I feel like my life is absorbed by trying to keep up with life.

Full time mum ... Full time student ... Running the home.

I'm exhausted!

I had a rare day off Friday but even that was consumed by washing in the morning. Though i did get a couple of hours with my Granny which i enjoyed.

I'm hoping that tomorrow while the Agents are out i can get some knitting done and maybe catch up on the #ProjectAtoZ.

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I can but dream!

Any ways, One thing i have noticed it that the festive season is hemorrhage all over the place. In town the council have started putting the lights up, There is wrapping paper a plenty bulging outta shops and the TV has adverts strategically placed to catch the eye of every kid and grumbling parent *cough me cough* So i figure it is acceptable to start my shopping.

Operation C-Word is well under way and I'm eternally grateful to my mammy for my laptop cause on-line shopping is my lifesaver.

Order on the bus down to college and get delivered. No stressful shoppers bashing into me and no hurling bags on and off public transport.

Because I've signed up for Amazon Student, I'm hoping to get some of the boys Christmas off there. Cass over on Diary of a Frugal Family posted about a site she found which tells you when a product has dropped in price (Like most places the prices jump up and down on Amazon alot) so you end up with the better deal. You can find the link to her post HERE. I'll definitely be making the most of it!

I'm making a point of sticking to my shopping list this year.
Agent M would like WWE stuff, Minecraft stuff and has asked for an Electronics set.
Agent D would like a Samsung Tab 4 (he first asked for a PS4 but I'd have to sell an organ to pay for that :(  )

I'll be keeping an eye out on any and all offers for these and if i find any other good deals, I'll post them with the others on my Facebook page

Do you know any other sites that have great price comparison or track deals?