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Gratitude list #1

I've been feeling kinda negative over the Christmas period. Its always been a rough time for me and throw in depression and anxiety, we have a crappy combination.

But not anymore!!

I've decided to make positive changes in 2015 and when i start to feel the bad feelings/thoughts creep up on me, I'm gonna shoot them down.

I have alot to be grateful for and there is alot of things that make me smile so I've decided to focus on them rather than the negative

I've seen alot of gratitude lists/challenges over the last few months so I've decided to join in and see if it helps keep focus on the good.

So here goes :)

  • Agent D and i are well into our second year together and have started planning our next family holiday.
  • Agent M has been better behaved in the last few days.
  • I found out I'm seeing my mammy at Easter (WOOHOO!)
  • Although my laptop is going in for repair, IT CAN BE REPAIRED (Thank the stars!)
  • I've got to spend some much needed time with Agent D before he goes back to work

I know its only a small list this week but to be fair, There has only been 3 days lol :)