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Gratitude List #2

This week we have been getting back into the swing of things post holidays. It's been tough getting everyone settled into a routine again. Think we all got too used to the late nights and long lies lol.

Its been a busy week with crappy weather but I can still look on the bright side

This week I'm thankful for ...
  • Coffee (in all its glorious 'keeping mummy awake' forms)
  • My mum buying Agent M his big coat last year cause it was his lifesaver walking to school in the rain.
  • My mum again for replacing his school shoes after he wore the soles out of them.
  • My Gran and Papa who watch him after school for me till I get back from college. Without them I could go as childcare isn't available for me.
  • Being able to go to college in the first place to learn a skill and create a career for myself.
  • Fluffy pj's I got at Christmas so that when we get in from the rain I can dry off and snuggle up cosy.
  • My dad taking Agent M overnight so that Agent D and I can have a date night.
  • Coffee! (So important I'm grateful twice over lol)