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Gratitude List #4

I'm a touch behind on the blog ... and with life in general this week.

Thanks to the snow and ice, I've been restricted on where i can go and what we can do. I had to give up my weekly trip to town to have tea with my wee Granny and I've been recovering from last weeks bug by taking it easy in terms of baking and crafting.

However I've been back at college which is making me feel normal :)

This week I've been grateful for ...

  • Vitamin and Iron supplements
  • My tumble dryer
  • Stephen Fry and his QI elves
  • Caramel Lattes
  • My Aunt A for supporting me at college by coming in to let me loose on her hair. She's helped me loads :)
  • My Papa for trekking out in this horrific weather to pick Agent M up from School.
  • Agent D for clearing the path so we stop sliding.
  • Deep heat rub to help my back after my 2 falls on the ice
  • Freshly washed bed sheets
  • Passing 6 assessments this week ... seriously chuffed to bits :)
  • Agent M and his morning cuddles 
  • Agent D for putting up with my feeling low the last few days.
Path is the only clear space to walk

Hopefully i'll be up to 100% next week and get back to normality :)