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Gratitude List #5

This week has been all about feeling grateful.

Unfortunately my step dad's father passed away at the weekend so I've been thinking alot about family and about life. How things can change in a split second and how everything that seems important is just nothing in the grand scheme of things.

This week I'm grateful for
  • My Mum who always has my back no matter what. I hate that i don't get to see her alot cause she lives so far away but I'm so lucky that shes only a phone call away.
  • My Granny who is just such a wee darling. She's like my confidant and i can tell her anything. It makes the world of difference when your feeling down to have someone you can talk to.
  • My Gran and Papa who make going to College possible. They help me out big time with Agent M and they don't mind one bit.
  • The NHS cause family members are getting access to medical treatments that they otherwise couldn't afford. Life shouldn't be a privilege to only the wealthy.
  • Agent M for being the most perfect wee boy ever. I'm so lucky that i get to be his mummy cause hes just amazing.
  • Agent D for being my rock these days. He keeps me grounded and helps me stay on track. My bad days are few and far between now and i know a big part of that is having a partner who is as loving and supportive as him.
  • My Dad who takes Agent M overnight on occasion so that Agent D and i can have a date night. I love being a family but sometimes its nice to have a night as a couple.
  • Being able to afford to go to College. I love that I'm learning and i love that I'm getting the chance to make a career for myself :)
My gorgeous little boy :)