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Gratitude list #6

Huh, its been a week already?

Its flown by!
Probably cause its been all go go go really. Getting my paperwork in order for my folio at college, booking in clients for assessments and the like. I imagine this is what it will be like to work for myself once i'm qualified. Be it as a mobile hairdresser or in a salon (fingers crossed!).

Thankfully this week has been a little less sad than the last. Speaking to my Mammy, i'm getting more and more excited for Easter. Not seeing her at Christmas just made everything seem less 'Jolly' some how but her coming up with ma step dad G makes me feel all excited. If only i could convince them not to leave *strokes chin inquisitively*.

This week i'm grateful for ...
  • Agent M. Having seen (and heard about) some really naughty kids this week just being terrors, i'm so grateful that I've got such a polite well behaved wee boy. Don't get me wrong, he can have his moments like everyone else but the compliments i get about him just makes my heart beam with pride. He's my perfect wee man!
  • Easy access to pharmacy's with Calpol.
  • My wee sister "Midge". If i'm feeling really low or if i just need someone to talk to i know i can turn to her and she'll listen. Even if there isn't anything she can do to "help", just being there to let me vent makes me feel so much better. Plus she understands my crazy moments and never judges me ... at least to my face lol.
  • The friends I've made at college. Its nice having a group of folk i can have a proper wee laugh with. I love being a mummy but sometimes its nice to be able to answer to Sarah-Jane once in a while :)
  • Having heating on when its -5 outside ... Oh god its been cold!
  • Electric blankets at night to warm my tootsies
  • Long lies
  • Lazy Saturday mornings when you can have breakfast at 10am
Scrambled eggs? Yummy yummy :)