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Gratitude List #7

This week started off with a still sick kid which kinda ruined his February break but never the less I've been trying to look on the positive and i think I've don't quite well on a week that has been quite difficult.

This week I'm grateful for ...

  • Minor Ailment service and their free calpol
  • Also loving that he gets cream for his eczema too
  • Warm blankets to cuddle up on the sofa with
  • Long(ish) lies in
  • My lovely wee Gran who got all emotional over her homemade birthday cake ... she's such a wee darling.
  • Netflix for its magical entertaining properties when Agent M just felt 'Meh'
  • My Kindle for keeping me sane through the endless episodes of Pokemon on said Netflix
  • Agent D and i getting to have a date lunch as an early valentines
  • The flowers he bought me for valentines :)
  • TKMax where i found a £60 book box set down to £12.99 for Agent M's birthday (I love a good saving me!)
  • eBay for selling me half price ink cartridges for my printer. Agent M has had loads of fun colouring in pictures of Hiccup and Toothless this weekend :)