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Spend Savvy in 2015

Being a student is sometimes a bit of a pain in the back side.

Not because i'm learning something completely new cause i think i'm coping with that. My assessments seem to agree cause i'm powering my way through them.

Not because i'm having to juggle my time between being a mummy, a student and a girlfriend cause I've kinda got that sussed, at least in part. Come Fridays, im only fit for my bed when i get in at night.

Its because the tight budget that i'm on is making me stress out sometimes.

I was working out a budget with my darling of a wee sister 'Midge' the other week and it was depressing as hell telling her my income and expenses. I'm quite lucky with her cause not only does she know what shes talking about, being a wee money savvy woman but she's also got my back and i know she doesn't judge me when i call her frustrated that i'm buggering all this up.

We worked out that after all my bills are paid, i have about a fiver spare each week ... Which unfortunately works out about right most weeks so we tried to see where i could save money and to her credit, she'll free me up big time. God i love my wee sister!!!

I am getting screwed over with my gas supply.

I'm on one of those rubbish key card meters and i feed that thing at least £30 a week (over Christmas i was £70 in 12 days) and we don't even have the heating on all day. I have set it to go on in the morning for 2 and a half hours and again in the after noon for 3 hours. On the days that i'm not in college but Agent M is at school, i don't even bother with the heating cause i don't see the point if its just me. I keep all the doors closed in the house to minimize the draught and jumpers, slippers, dressing gowns are all on tap to provide warmth.

With hot water, i only have it on an hour a day to do dishes and even then i wait till the end of the night so i'm not running out by the time dinner is over. We don't go for baths as much any more cause its just too expensive on gas and we have an electric shower there so it just makes more sence to use that. We don't even use gas to cook. Its an electric oven ... so how we are going through that much is beyond me.

According to family, inc Midge who says that the spends about what i do a week IN A MONTH and they have their heating on alot more than i do! *Yip, i'm definitely getting robbed here!* so we had a look on her go to website Money Saving Expert and we found me some cheaper suppliers. We went through the best and found one that will save me £18 per month on my Gas supply and because i'm moving my electric along with it, they give further discounts. BONUS!

But it got me thinking.

Where else can i save some money? Where can i move to a better deal or fingers crossed, where can i even make money!

The deal i moved to came with a £30 cash back deal after I've been with them for 3 months (Found by my amazing Midge) so in theory I've just got back a weeks plus gas.

On the website there are alot more deals too. They give you advice for the best deals on loads of stuff ... Car Insurance, Flights, Credit card deals and best mortgage deals.

In terms of shopping, there are LOADS of voucher codes and cash back links included so if you have to buy something, at least your getting something off/back for it.

I've since spent ages on this site and I've got myself set up with a plan on how to save the most i can for our Summer holiday back down to "English-land" and with any luck, we will have a bit more money saved for the future :)

Another good site if your a Student is UniDays which, when you sign up with your college/uni email address gives you access to loads of student discounts. They will also send you out a newsletter with the deals they have on and its all free to join. I tend to get any craft supplies off of Hobbycraft when they are seriously reduced or if i get money for birthdays etc and UniDays gives you the 10% off code ... a small life saver for the craft addicted (plus i feel a little less bad about going a few weeks without my coffee at college if i know i'm getting a deal on the crafts i'm buying instead).

Whatever type of phone you have (iOS, Android etc) there are loads of apps you can download that are designed to get the best deal for you, depending on where you are. Switch on your GPS and go onto an app like VoucherCloud or TopCashBack and they will find the deals closest to you. 20% off your purchase at BHS or money off your lunch at Frankie & Benny's perhaps? All you need to do is show the cashier the code that's up on your screen and your saving some money :)

And again these sites/apps are free to join!

These, along with being more frugal minded around the home, are promising to make 2015 a spend savvy year ...

I'm looking forward to it!