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Gratitude List #11 - Mother's Day

I’m running behind again!

I feel like the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland these days, always running about late for something.

I’m looking forward to the upcoming Easter holidays more and more as its gonna be 2+ weeks of catching up on everything … College work, Blog posts and fingers crossed can get some crafting done.

I have been able to pass a few more assessments this week though which I am grateful for. With 12 weeks left at college, the pressure is on to get clients in and get the mountain of practical done. I’ve managed to get the project work down to my last one and there is only 2 more tests to go so I’m actually feeling confident about passing the course … Yay!!

Rather than tell you guys what I've felt grateful for this week, I wanted to focus on one thing that’s been at the front of my mind the last few days … Mother’s day.

As you know, yesterday was mother’s day here in the UK and although it was kinda forgotten about in my house *I had a wee cry about that last night*, I realised I am very lucky to be able to spend the day with my little Agent.

He is what some call a rainbow baby, meaning he was born after I had previously lost a pregnancy (or in my case 2), and I got me thinking about all the lovely mummy’s out there who aren't able to celebrate with their Angel babies. To me, even though they can’t hold their babies, doesn't make them any less of a mama and I send out buckets of love to them all!

I am beyond grateful that I have him in my life and that I get to be his mummy. I dont think i was ever going to get to be a mummy and through-out my pregnancy i was terrified something would go wrong but here he is ... My perfect little boy! I honestly can’t imagine my life without him and the fact that he is here at all makes him my little miracle. Realising that he’s gonna be 8 this week just blows my mind because it’s gone in way to fast. No matter how much I beg, he just won’t slow down this whole “growing up” thing :)

I’m also beyond grateful that I was able to talk to my mammy on mother’s day. Yeah I get bummed out when I can’t get to see her more than a couple of times a year but at least I get to see her. I had friends that spent yesterday putting flowers on their mum’s graves and that is just so heart breaking. I can’t (and point blank REFUSE to) imagine not having my mammy anymore.

That she’s coming up in a few weeks makes be so giddy I could almost cry and that I get to spend a week with her this summer is making me drunk with excitement. I don’t care that I’m a couple of years off of 30, she’s always gonna be my wee mammy and I’m always gonna be her wee lass :)