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Gratitude list #12

Another week ... Another list.

Its been a sad start to the week with My Uncle Billy passing away but even in that i can be grateful that he's no longer in any pain after suffering really bad at the end. Cancer is quite frankly a bitch and the number of people close to us that have some form of it is really scary.

Agent D's Nan has been diagnosed recently with breast cancer which is scary as she stays too far away to go and visit regularly which is devastating to him as its his last grandparent. I'm very lucky in that i have 3 of mine i can visit any time.

As we get older, it becomes more evident that our parents and grand parents are getting older too. I think we're reaching that scary age when you realise that no, we're not all indestructible and we wont be around forever. That's why we have to make sure we make the most of the time we have together while we still have it.

Speaking of getting older. Yesterday was Agent M's birthday. My little dude is now 8 and that one step closer to the dreaded teenage years lol.

This week I've been grateful for ...

  • Agent M and getting to watch this little boy grow up into a very clever young man. He's been building his Lego Technics this morning and played with his cousins for a bit. He's such a sociable little boy. 
  • My mum for helping me get his birthday sorted. I've been rushed off my feet with college and home that without here i doubt he would have had such a great day.
  • The clients I've had at college helping me pass assessments and reach my targets. I'm £14 off my £80 target with 10 or so weeks to spare. I'm so grateful for that as i know there are some who haven't made even half way and what ever is left to pay comes out our pockets. Not fun!
  • The sun has been coming out to play more this week which has made the mornings seem that much nicer. It wont be long till the heat is in the air and we can put the woolly jumpers away for a while. I even had to wear my sunglasses this week ... posh! lol

  • Date night tonight. Even though we're not going out or anything, being able to have dinner together and watch a DVD while chilling on the sofa is a fantastic way to spend time with my man. The potential of a long lie is making my skin tingle with excitement. Its the little things really.
  • Speaking of little things ... I've really been getting into the whole spring thing by getting flowers for the house (or making my own) to put around the place and i found some lovely vases in Asda clearance from mothers day that were just gorgeous! I suppose i could say now that i got something for mothers day but I'm quite happy just having them there ready to put a couple of daffodils in later on in the week :)