Gratitude List #13

This week has flown in.

Its been very college based to be honest. Since its the Easter holidays next week we have been trying to get in as many assessments as possible. I've been rushed off my feet with Clients (even with 2 cancellations). I like being busy though. It makes the day in the salon go in faster too.

I had a bit of good news early on in the week too, My GP has reduced my Anti-Depressants from 40mg down to 20mg. Its been years since i was reduced so I'm really excited. I'm actually seeing a light at the end of this dark tunnel. Here's hoping i cope well enough on the 20mg to maybe get it reduced again before Christmas.

This week I'm grateful for ...

  • Agent D ... He's been a massive help to me this week. He took a half day so he could collect Agent M from school while i was in college and even came in to let me cut his hair for assessment. He's been cooking more this week cause I've been feeling so run down and gave me some space to just chill out in bed when i was feeling a little overwhelmed. He's been helping out alot with Agent M too ... Checking homework and practising his words with him. I feel all warm and happy when i see my 2 boys together :)
  • My Mum ... I finally get to see her next week and I'm so excited. With the funeral of an Uncle this week, i cant help but think about death alot. It could visit anyone at any time and i realise just how precious time with my family is. I'm very lucky that i still have my mum and that i get to speak to her all the time :)
  • Lemonade and Honey ... My saving grace this week with this sore throat. I sounded like a 40-a-day smoker at the beginning of the week which Agent M found hysterical. "Mummy sounds like a Gruffalo"
  • Daffodils ... I love seeing them sprouting up in parks and i bought some to put in the living room. They are one of my fave flowers :)
  • Breakfast Club ... Since the week back from October break, Agent M has been going to the breakfast club at school which has meant that i could make it into college on time. Being able to drop him off at 8.15am has been a life saver and I'll be honest, I'll miss it when it stops after the Easter break.


  1. I've never even thought about lemonade and honey, I always just do lemon! I bet the sugar perks you up!

    1. It does a bit ... Its nice first thing in the morning cause heating it takes away the fizz and your left with a hug in a mug lol ... Its nice with honey infused with lemon. Makes it more 'zingy' xxx

  2. Ohh will try the lemonade tip in future not heard of that one! Well done on the lower dose, ive just had mine lowered too and feeling good but realistic too just keeping an eye on everything, wishing you good luck :) I love daffodils but they smell funny and it puts me off after a while haha! X

    1. WooHoo! virtual high 5! Its a big achievement getting medication like this reduced but like you i'm being realistic. So far so good and i'm keeping an eye out for any triggers. I find all flowers have a funky pollen smell ... I've taken to getting fake ones for the majority of the time. Nice flowers without the lingering smell lol xxx


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