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My Baby turned 8

I feel so emotional when i look at Agent M today.

Yesterday was his 8th Birthday and i cant believe its gone in so fast.

Its like I've blinked and hes when from a newborn to starting nursery ... i went to put the kettle on and hes only gone and turned 8 on me. I'm terrified to go put a load of washing on in-case i come back and hes off to college!

He had a lovely day though and thanks to everyone who wished him a happy birthday. He got to open one of his presents before school and have a wee play. He got so excited that he got his first ever Minecraft figure. This is his new fave thing so it was nice to see his wee face light up when he seen it.

He did have to wait till after school for the rest of them (we just don't have time in the mornings to mess about unfortunately) but he was a very luck boy getting some books, a few games, some money and even his very own tablet.

Because i cant really afford to spend alot of money on him all the time, birthdays and Christmas's are special because he gets kinda spoiled. Its nice to see that he is really grateful for it though. All day everyone got kisses and cuddles and lots of thank yous.

We even had a few near tears when he seen his birthday cake that Mama decorated, especially for him :) He came through all emotional telling me how he was "so happy" ... Such a wee darling is my Agent M

Because it was a school/college day we didn't really get a chance to do anything really special but he's asked if we can go to the Lego store in Glasgow when we are on the Easter break to spend his Birthday money so we will make a day out of that :)

Make a wish

Till then though he's got plenty to play with and thanks to his Uncle Tommy, he has a massive Lego Technics set to be getting on with :) I think that will be today's mission till Papa comes to pick him up for a sleep over.

Its strange seeing him sit and build something aimed for 10 - 16 when to me he'll always be my little baby boy. He seems to think now that he's 8 he's "officially a big boy so cant be [my] baby anymore" ... I very much beg to differ. Even when he is 50 with kids of his own, he'll still be my baby :)

Our first picture together