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My Crafty Argos Haul

Well its less than a week till Easter which means that the kiddies will be on holiday again for 2+ weeks. *Que sighs from across the country*

I'm actually looking forward to this holiday. Maybe its because i have all my paperwork caught up so i can actually have fun and spend time with Agent M. Maybe its because i'll be seeing my Mammy at the beginning of the holiday which is making me near jump for joy ... Who knows ... but the point is, I'm excited.

I'm also prepared!

Last week i was browsing the Argos App and found some great clearance activities for Agent M to do during the holiday if we have a rainy day or if we just wanna get messy.

The first thing i actually spotted was this bird house. We are hoping to get the garden all nice and pretty so i thought that this would be a nice personal touch from Agent M.

The paint that comes with is Acrylic but i'm not sure how well it will hold up in the rain so i may need to have a look for a (bird safe) waterproof coating to make it last.

It was only £2.49 (Half Price!!) and can be found HERE on the Argos page
In keeping with the Garden theme, i also seen a paint your own Gnome kit. I love stuff like this as there is no set rule how your garden gnome should look (I've recently spotted Zombie ones which were really funky). This blank canvas will let Agent M come up with whatever type on gnome he likes (I can always use some of the Acrylic paint we have in the house if he wants more colours).

Again it was half price at £2.49 and can be found HERE

If the weather takes a windy turn, He can take a kite out for a spin ... and what better kite than one he designed all on his own :)

This came as a 2 part kit ... Though I've not opened the boxes yet, I'm not 100% sure if the pens are waterproof for the umbrella (or if the umbrella is waterproof for that matter) but then he can always just decorate it as something to do ... It was the Kite i knew he would love.

Both kits were £2.99 and can be found HERE

Last, but certainly not least was this little gem!

This is a 1000 piece craft chest that is filled with pipe cleaners, felt, paper, lolly sticks, googly eyes, pom poms etc and not only that ... the chest itself is there for the little ones to colour in. I was really happy with this big set. 

I get annoyed sometimes that crafts is seen as a girly thing with lots of pretty princess or make up like boxes to decorate (the "girl version" to this chest can be found HERE) but very little for boys. So when i saw this i just jumped at the chance ... Plus being half price at £6.49 didn't hurt either ... You can find the craft chest HERE.

***I'd like to say that in my house we don't like gender specific toys ... I don't think only boys should play with construction and cars while girls only play with dolls and tea sets ... but some craft kits are VERY girly, with all pink or lilac crafting materials which even if i had a daughter would be very limiting. For these types of toys and activities, it should be a one size fits all kind deal and be for everyone to enjoy ... Sorry about the rant there but it does my head in sometimes :)

There are  loads of places that you can pick up some great kits for low cost ... Home Bargains for example has some lovely Mister Maker kits for 99p and Wilko have their own range of craft kits at pocket money prices. Supermarkets have some nice seasonal stuff in that i'll often buy and put away till the times right.

Its nice to have a stockpile of "Rainy Day" activities put aside to pull out when the Lego just wont cut it anymore that day.

Do you have a Rainy Day box at home? What kinds of things do your kiddies like to get up to when you cant play outside?

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