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Cheerz Polaroid Photos

I'm a bit of a pest when it comes to taking photographs. I cant help it though ... I love taking photos!

I can be sitting in the bus on the way to college and see a really nice garden or be on the morning walk to school and see the sky look gorgeous and i just cant help but take a picture.

I love being able to look back on them and remember what was happening when the photo was taken.

Photos are almost back to the instant days of Polaroids where you can get a hard copy quickly ... but i feel they aren't as classic as the Polaroid snaps. I liked the whole square look with a space to caption at the bottom. I have loads of my baby photos on Polaroid film which just makes them feel retro :)

You don't even have to go out to get photos printed nowadays either ... If you want the proper photos on gloss card you can order them online and get them sent straight to your door which is how i stumbled on this little gem.

Its an online company that will print off your photos Polaroid style and send them to you through the post. You get to upload the ones you want, Caption them if you wish and they even come in a gorgeous wee keepsake box.

I couldn't resist and I'm seriously glad i did ... There are few options you can choose ... The cardboard box with different designs, each costing £13.00 for 30-40 pictures

I went for the polka dot version and was thrilled to bits when they arrived :) They were so cute and the quality was brilliant!

While on the site i found some photo booth style photos too that just made my teen years with friends come flashing back :)

Did you ever pile into them with friends to take the weirdest photos? I know i did :)

You can get 5 strips for £6.50 with each strip holding 4 photos. Like with the Polaroid style snaps caption each strip and can move the images about so that they are exactly as you want.

I cant wait to start putting the pictures into my albums and some in my Smash Book ... I love how i have retro style snaps of some of my fave photos of my boys :) Plus i have the handy little box to keep the ones i don't use in ... 

Aren't they gorgeous? Some of the photos are darker or lighter than i would have liked however that's on me as I'm still getting the hang of camera settings rather than just point and shoot. I like it though as when i look back i can see how much I've learnt.

There are loads of different products on the website which range from magnets and individual photos to wall art and photo books. I have a few other items from Cheerz which i love and will share with you all soon but till then, if you want to get your own photos you can get £4 off your order using the code SARKIS.