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Gratitiude List #14

Happy Easter boys and girls :)

I had a fantastic week. There was only one day in the salon this week but i was busy and managed to hit my £80 target with a wee 50p extra. From now on any clients i bring in will be free, so heres hoping that i can get folk in for cuts so i can finish the last of my assessments. Speaking off, I passed 2 more assessments. My check list is getting smaller and smaller. I'm getting closer to the end of my course and i'm hopeful that i'll be able to get all the clients in i need and the best of the best ... 


This week i'm grateful for

  • My mammy and G - I love them so much! Seeing them has made my week! We had them down for dinner last night too ... I love being able to cook for them. I miss my mum and G so much but its only 90 days till i get to see them again ... and my wee sister :)
  • The Easter holidays - I get to spend 2 weeks off with Agent M. We're gonna get some crafting done, make some nice treats in the kitchen and have a couple of days out. Good Times :)
  • Agent D - He's got the weekend off too so i can have some lovely cuddle and chill out time. Its been nice getting cuddles in the morning without having to rush about and get ready for college/work. He's been helping me out more around the house too which makes me feel less stressed out. He makes me feel so special ... I even got an Easter egg this morning ... Lucky Me!
This is a Daenerys Targaryen sized egg this is :)