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Gratitude #16

So the School holidays are drawing to a close and normal service shall resume tomorrow.

Thank goodness for that!

Being very much a creature of habit I've kinda struggled a little with the 2 weeks in that I've not had the chance to do things i normally would were Agent M at school.

I've really missed meeting up with my Granny for our weekly coffee sessions and the house work seems to have doubled over the last few weeks. Probably cause I've been trying to keep him entertained giving me less time to get stuff done. At least I've got to spend some time with him though in between the Lego and Minecraft sessions.

Still though, It will be nice to get back to my routine and back to college :) I've missed getting my assessments finished and interacting with clients.

This week i'm grateful for

  • The NHS - My papa was admitted to hospital at the end of this week and although i feel like crying as i type this, I'm grateful that he is able to go to the hospital and get cared for by the lovely people of the NHS. There is alot going on just now with elections coming up and everyone seeming to slam the service just now but look at if from a different point of view. Most of us couldn't afford to go private as it was and we are so lucky that we have a free service there. I know i couldn't cope if i had to pay nearly £3000 for a stay in hospital if i got sick and i know my grandparents couldn't foot the bill for tests and treatment that my papa is having just now (A quick look online said it would be around $10,000 minimum in the US). We are lucky that we have it there ... at least for now.
  • My phone - This might make me sound so bloody shallow but being able to get in contact with family has been  important this week and having a mobile means i'm not left out of the loop. Plus I've taken so many photos of Agent M this week using my phone. I love being able to take snap shots of him :)
  • The Sunny Weather - the beginning of the week was miserable and rainy so having the sun come out mid week meant we could go to the park, go for walks, go shopping and get some fresh air in about our lungs. I even got a much needed catch up with my Granny. I've really missed her these last 2 weeks.
  • Amazon Prime - While we were stuck in due to the rain, Agent M and i got to have a movie day ... and thanks to Amazon Prime we had alot to choose from. I think Prime has quite possibly been the best £40 I've ever spent. We use all the features from Instant video, Next day delivery and Amazon Cloud to back up my photos meaning i don't have to worry about the SD card going rogue again (although I've got Dropbox too ... canny be too careful). I've recently discovered Kindle Lending library too which means as i have prime, i get to rent a free book a month from them. Great for books i wanna try without having to pay for, only to find i don't like it. 
  • My Kindle - Speaking of Amazon and Kindles ... I've been so grateful for mine this week. With Agent M playing in the park, it can get a bit dull for me. There is only so may times i can watch him go down a slide before i get bored but i want him to enjoy his time so I've been bringing my Kindle along for the ride. He can run about like a nutter as much as he wants and i park myself at the entrance to the play park with my Kindle. I'm there if he needs me and i can get some chapters read while knowing hes safe. I've read 2 books in the space of one week which I've not done since i was pregnant and on bed rest ... high five me lol