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Gratitude #17

Normality has resumed in the Crafty Household.

Agent M has been back at school a week and I've been back at college. Oh how good it felt to be back into my routine! Its scary to think that I've only got 8 weeks left at college. Its flown right in. Got my fingers and toes crossed i get a place for next year. I love it too much to stop now.
We've had good news on the family front too. Papa has got out the hospital and is slowly but surely making a recovery. Its a scary time when a family member is so ill that they have to go into hospital but thank goodness he's such a tough ol' guy. 

In other news, we have a new addition to the home. Wee Shabba has decided he loves coming to stay for holidays so much that he's gonna stay for good, and we're all excited to have him here. He's such a well behaved wee fluff ball that its hard not to fall in love with him :)
This week I'm grateful for ...
  • Agent D - My gorgeous man bought me a prezzie this week that i really wanted. My own set of Wahl clippers :) I can now cut gents hair as well as ladies in my own time. Here's hoping i can maybe make some money this summer :)
  • My Granny - Now that the schools are back we can meet up again on Tuesday's. Its been weird not seeing her as much over the Easter break. We'll need to work something out for the summer cause i hate not getting my coffee time with her and helping her with shopping.

  • College - I was doing my paperwork at the beginning of the week and I'm really surprised to see how many assessments I've managed to complete. I finished the gents section this week too so I'm so close to completing my course. I only need to get 5 more clients in and (providing i pass them) I'm done! Not bad considering i really didn't think i could cope going back into education as an older student. Its amazing what a little confidence does for you :)
  • The sunny weather - Its been beautiful again and i honestly think that's contributed to my good mood recently. There is something to be said for being able to sit in the sun and see all the beautiful flowers (when you've taken your hay fever tablet that is).