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Gratitude list #15

We have survived the first week of the school holidays and I've not lost my cool and Agent M hasn't thrown a strop ... So far we're doing good :)

It was a nice start to the week having Agent D off too and although the weather was rubbish, chilling out on the sofa watching Entourage while Agent M played with his Lego was a great way to finish up his days off.
This week I'm grateful for ...
  • Getting to spend one on one time with Agent M - We have been getting our craft on and I've been baking with him. Its nice being able to just break out the craft box without having to worry about getting to classes or doing homework.
  • Getting to eat breakfast with him every morning - Because he was going to the breakfast club before school i was grabbing a slice of toast on the go but now that's finished, we will be enjoying our early morning chats back at the dining room table.
  • Coffee - I'm still getting up really early with Agent D so i keep myself in a routine and without coffee, I'd be a crying mess. Early mornings and late nights take their tole.
  • Sunny weather - Its been lovely here during the week and even with bouts of rain during the weekend, the sun has still been shining. Here's hoping it is sunny again next week as we're thinking of having a picnic in the park :)
  • Getting my craft on - The holidays have given me so much more time to make things. Between Agent M and i we have a lovely wee collection of crafts going and some nice blog posts to come. His Toucan box arrived as well so he's excited to start that at the beginning of next week :)
  • Dad taking Agent M overnight - Don't get me wrong, I love having the time off to spend with Agent M but its also nice to have just adult time. Its exhausting trying to keep a kid amused for 13 hours straight 7 days a week. Granted its not as hands on as when he was a toddler but its harder to keep an 8 year old happy when they want more challenging things to do. Thank goodness for the Bored Jar ... and thanks to Dad for giving him a change of scenery and me a night to watch non stop horror movies :)
  • Family time - We are lucky to have the kids screening at our Odeon (i know not all the cinemas do it) and as a wee family treat we went to see Big Hero 6 ... A day out that would have cost almost £20 when as a main feature only cost me £7.50 at the kids. I love taking the boys to the cinema as i remember doing it with my parents, i want Agent M to experience it too :)