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Jelly Fluff

I remember when i was wee, we used to go up to my Grans for dinner some times. Dinner was always served at 5pm and there was always desert afterwards. One of my faves was ice-cream (cut from one of those long bars) and some "Muffy jelly" aka ...
It was so delicious and refreshing ... Perfect for an after dinner treat on a sunny spring night ... and its quick and easy to make :)

You'll Need
1 packet jelly
1 cup boiling water
1 tin evaporated milk (chilled)

How to Make
Dissolve the jelly in boiling water and leave until slightly cooler.

Beat the evaporated milk with an electric mixer until thick.

Combine the thickened evaporated milk with the cooled jelly and beat again.

Pour the jelly fluff into individual moulds (or a large dish if you wish) and stick in the fridge until set.