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Pocket Money : Yay or Nay

I'm really luck with Agent M.

He's on the whole a well behaved kid (yeah he has his moments but who doesn't). I raised him pretty much on my own from the day he was born with some input from family but on the whole, i think he's turned out to be a well rounded kid considering the tough childhood he had at the beginning.

We have always been a low income family. What we have has been due to help from family or saving out butts off. I've quite happily gone without just so that Agent M never felt he was missing out.

Because times have been tough for us is why i think he is so grounded. He's always been aware that Mama had to leave him to go make pennies from a young age and he knows that its a special treat when we go on our mummy and M dates or he gets to pick a magazine.

He's always jumped at the chance to be a "helper boy" around the house and he's been loading the washing machine and pushing the buttons (with supervision) since he was in nappies. Asking him to clear the table or fetch his dirty washing has never been a problem for him and hes (weirdly) been asking if he can do more around the house like hoover or wash dishes.

This has led me to a bit of a conundrum.

Should he be getting pocket money?

I know there are kids his age that get pocket money in return for doing housework. Yeah, i see the attraction here. Your getting an income for services rendered. But shouldn't they be helping out anyway? I always felt that helping out is what a family done. I would hate to think that Agent M was only wanting to help me to get something out of it but everyone seems to be paying their kids to help.

Am i using Agent M as some kinda slave labour? Should i expect a call from the kiddie union?

I like the idea of Agent M getting pocket money as I've seen what he does with his birthday and Christmas money.

He saves.
This kid, I'm telling you ... he's like a mini adult the way he thinks and he's better than most with his money. Let me explain ...

He got £50 for his birthday last month.
£10 of it went to getting the next 4 how to train your dragon books that he was desperate for (and read in a week) and the other £40 he has put past. He was going to pay for a day out when we go on holiday but i told him that was Mummy's job so he decided to start "saving up for a car" ... A CAR! HE'S 8!

After some discussion with him about how he needs to be 16 to learn to drive before he even thinks about a car, he's decided to save up till he reaches his target of £100. 

Granted i have a sneaky suspicion that the £100 is for a Lego Technic crane hes had his eye on but still ... that's alot of will power for a kid not to blow the money on sweets and Minecraft figures.
He's not daft with his money but is paying him to help out the right way forward? Wont he grow to expect a hand out when i ask him to do something?

How can i get the balance right to teach my son about money without making him feel entitled or spoilt?

Its a head scratcher!