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Sequin Easter Eggs

I remember when i was a kid, we would go up to Glasgow to stay with my mum and she would take us to an Art shop called Millers. I loved going there as you could always find a great new craft to try. 

There used to be a whole aisle full of PinFlair and polystyrene models which my sister and i used to always go to. If we were lucky we would get to pick a shape/figure each and my mammy would buy packets of sequins and tiny pins . We would sit for hours at her kitchen table just pinning and chatting.

It was a simple craft project but it was loads of fun. Even the more basic shapes like the stars and hearts were loads of fun to decorate.

I recently found an online craft site called Crafty Crocodiles that sell little kits that are perfect for a crafty afternoon.
They have heart kits, sphere baubles and egg kits so since its coming up to Easter, i figured it was the perfect time to try sequin art with Agent M.

He loved designing his egg and it was a very pleasant way to spend half an hour while we waited for lunch to cook.

The little kits cost 88p and come with everything you need.
  • The Polystyrene egg
  • 2 bags of sequins in different colors 
  • The child safe pins
  • A piece of ribbon to hang the finished egg

The egg itself is a blank canvas so to speak. Which means you can design it however you like.

Agent M started out as a random swirl of colours while i pined my sequins in rows. The pins themselves added to the design as the clear ball on the end of each looked really good.

 Agent M kinda drifted into a strip pattern toward the end with a solid colour but they turned out really nice and are now hanging beautifully on the twig tree.

 We're going to get another few eggs and decorate the tree just in time for Easter :)