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Gratitude #18

So its May ... We're 5 months into 2015 and 18 weeks into my Gratitude challenge.

So far so good *With the exception of a wee hiccup a month or so back* and I'm seeing the positives of looking on the bright side. Perhaps that has been why i was able to get my anti-depressants reduced a few weeks back ... perhaps i am able to see things more positively as I'm getting better ... Who knows. Either way for the first time in a long time i have felt alot better about life in general. Its been a while since Winter was here and long may the Summer continue.

This week I'm grateful for ...

  • I received a place for College next year - That's right ladies and gents ... I'm going back to level 6 after the summer and I'm so bloody excited! Its all dependent on me passing this year of course but I'm on track to pass so WOOHOO!
  • I passed more assessments this week - I was looking through my folio and made a check list of the assessments i need to cover. After the Long grad cut i passed on this week i reckon i can complete the list in 5 clients ... And i have 3 already booked in :) I'm so close i can almost taste it! Here's hoping the hair gods are on my side :)

  • Its almost Summer - While I'm enjoying college, i cant wait for it to finish as i will have a week left till we go on holiday. I'm looking forward to seeing Agent D's family and the following week i get to see mine. Its only 8 weeks till i get to see my wee Mammy and my wee blister (who i haven't seen since last summer). You don't realise just how much you miss your family till you don't get to see them. I'm lucky that they are just at the end of the phone but its still hard not getting to see them. Its cool though as one day we will move and i can see them whenever i like :)