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Gratitude #19

Hey folk, Hows you?

Are your as relieved as i am that all this General Election stuff is over? I'm not going to ask if your happy or disappointed with the results. I'm not even going to ask if you voted as its none of my business. I'm just glad its all over and the aggressive "conversations" between friends can stop and all those flyers can stop getting posted through my letter box. I know that its a great thing being able to vote but the abusive things I've heard between people over their political views is shocking ... and we're all friends here :)

This week has been a good one for me at college. I have completed my long hair section and after having a near panic attack at not getting enough cuts, I got 3 this week and passed my cutting section too. I had the best sleep I've had in a long time on Friday night and i can only think it has to be because i know I'm gonna pass the course now. I don't have to freak out anymore. And I'm seriously grateful for that!

My final hair up :)

This week I'm grateful for ...

  • Having enough clients to cover my assessments - I have my lovely wee granny booked in this week and a friend booked in the following and (providing i pass both those sets) I will have completed my Level 5 Hairdressing :) I will them be able to just breath and take any clients that we have in excess ... as there are always extras we're stressing out about covering. I will still be looking for more cuts though as practice does make perfect but i wont lose sleep if i don't get any extras in.
  • Not long till were going on holiday - I get a kick out of having a count down on my phone telling me how long we have till we go on holiday and I'm looking forward to it so much! I'm grateful that Agent D is gonna get to see his Nan Pat after she has been in and out of hospital with Breast Cancer. It makes me realise how lucky i am that i still have 3 living grandparents when i think about how he only has Nan Pat left. She's such a lovely woman that i just wanna go down and give her a big hug. We're spending the week in Bristol so we have been looking at the different days out we can have - Zoo, Aquarium, Museums, Science Centre and go to the beach. I'm not bothered what we do to be honest as I'll just be happy to have time to spend (stress free) with my two boys :) The Following week we will be spending with my Mum and G which I'm giddy for as I miss them so much and i get to see my sister and her partner which will be brilliant. I love seeing my family :)
  • Spending time with Agent D - My dad took Agent M overnight this week and Agent D and i got to spend some time together which was lovely. Every Saturday he usually has things he has to do up at his dads so he's away pretty much all day but this week he didn't have to go so we went out for Breakfast and a look around town. Its only when i get to spend time with him that i realise just how much i miss him. Working all week and being away half the weekend doesn't leave much couple time. Its nice getting time as a couple, even if its only for a couple of hours :)