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Gratitude #24 - Taking it Easy

Hey folks ... been a while.

3 weeks to be exact.

I felt like i was kinda failing on the whole blogging area of my life. Its hard to blog about crafts, recipes and life as a frugal mama when i'm struggling to juggle all the other aspects of my life. But rather than look at it like a failure in life i'm viewing it as a hiccup in time management.

My unwillingness to slow down with everything i had to do has backfired on me a bit this week as what started as a sore shoulder has now escalated to a trapped nerve and inflamed muscle. All cause i didn't rest it. So having to slow down has made me re-evaluate things a little. Perhaps its not life or death to hoover the carpets every second day. Heck, they haven't been hoovered all week as i cant lift my arm above my shoulder let along push and pull about a heavy vacuum cleaner. Perhaps this is the wake up call i needed to slow the f*ck down and chill out. Take time to smell the flowers and for goodness sake STOP STRESSING!

The last few weeks I've been grateful for ...

  • My Family ... They are just fecking AWESOME!
    I received some lovely items in the post over the last couple of weeks. My Mammy (who i love to bits) made me some business cards and brochures for my hairdressing services and my step dad bought me a case to store my kit, making it easier to go from client to client.
  • Agent D ... The last wee while has been a bit of a roller coaster between us and i completely take the blame. Since I've been feeling really low i've been pulling away from everyone, Including him which he obviously sensed and has caused tension. After breaking down last week and telling him exactly how i felt and was feeling, we have been getting on alot better. Any problems i have or if i'm feeling insecure i know i can tell him and he wont judge me. Even though he cant fully understand why i feel like i'm like i do, he is at least trying to make things better. We have been spending more time together too which has made a massive difference to our relationship. We really needed some couple time. 
Agent D with My Gran and I at an Engagement Party
  • Agent M ... He's coming to the end of the school year which is bringing with it lots of activities and the like at school. Discos, Plays, School trips and the 7 weeks of hopefully nice weather and enough activities to keep him amused. He has been acting up ever so slightly recently which is bothering me but he is still and always will be my wee man so i'll just persevere and hopefully he starts doing as i ask without kicking up such a fuss or out and out ignoring me. He's been helping me this last week since my arm has been hurt so i am grateful for that. Its nice to have help :)
Agent M spending the weekend away with his Papa