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Gratitude #26

Well its finally arrived ... Its holiday time!

Our adventure down to "English-Land" (What Agent M used to call England when he was little) took us on a wee detour through to Wales for the night to stay with a friend of the family. Her house was gorgeous and getting to just start the holiday by unwinding was perfect. Being out in the country is so peaceful. Going to see the horse before bed and waking up to the birds singing. It was lovely.

The traffic to Bristol on the other hand was a nightmare but thankfully i had prepared for a long trip so Agent M had his snacks and Tablet and we had the Hobbit Audio Book to listen to. Made the 6 hours go by a little easier (should have been about 3 and a half without the roadworks and traffic).

Staying with Family is lovely as we only get to see K and S once a year. Its nice seeing Agent D get to see his mum, cause i know how much he misses her :)

This week I'm grateful for ...

  • Family - We got to go on a picnic at Ashton Court yesterday with Agent D's family down here and it was a bit of an emotional day as his Nan joined up. This is the first time we have seen her since her Cancer diagnosis and the difference in her is really evident. Its upsetting to see her deteriorate but at the same time, getting to see her is priceless. We are going to see as much of her as we can while we are in Bristol. I don't know how we are going to be able to say goodbye to her though. Its quite bitter sweet. 
Agent M and Nan Pat - Ashton Court (June 2015)
  • The Weather - We have been quite lucky as when we left Scotland it was chucking it down yet here its been so warm. We have had a few showers but its been really light and the ground has dried almost instantly as its been roasting. I'm not sure how us pale wee Scots are gonna fair against the suns rays but I'm armed with factor 50 to limit the burning ... I don't want a repeat of Legoland last year when i got burnt really bad (Still a good day though - can see the trip HERE).
  • My Boys - I love that i can share family holidays with them. Even if it is a "Stay-cation" ... Its still a holiday to us and we enjoy spending the time away together. No stresses of home to worry about. Its magical :) I love them both so much. Seeing them together too makes me feel so proud cause even though Agent D isn't Agent M's biological dad, He treats him like his own. It makes my heart melt seeing them play together :)
A wee game of father and son footie

That's crazy mummy taking pictures again :)