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Gratitude List #25

Well its the last week of the primary schools (in Scotland) and Agent M is finishing up primary 3. Its hard to believe my baby boy is going into P4 after the summer. It feels like he only just started primary school and now he's almost half way through. Scary stuff!

Its weird not having a routine any more with college. My days feel somewhat longer now as I'm not rushing about in the salon. And alot quieter too. Its nice to just be able to sit and have a coffee or curl up on the sofa with Shabba and watch a horror movie while Agent M is at school. I doubt I'll have much time to enjoy the silence when he's off and wanting my attention all day.

I've booked him into some summer activities though so i might get an odd half hour to myself where i can read my kindle through the day. It will be nice to spend some time with him just the two of us though. Getting out crafting on :)

This week I've been grateful for ...
  • Family - Being able to go to college this last year has been really dependent on my family helping me out with child care and I'm so bloody grateful for that. My Gran and Papa have been a massive help by picking Agent M up twice a week and watching him till i finished. Without them i couldn't have gone to college as child care wasn't something i could find. Towards the end of the year when my papa fell ill, My dad stepped in and Picked Agent M up one of the days (and thankfully i had finished enough of my assessments that i could get out an hour early too get him.

    My Aunt A really helped me out when it came to my assessments. She let me use her as a model for every single topic and all in i passed more assessments with her than i did any other client. She let me experiment with her hair depending on the unit i needed and i will be forever grateful for that.
  • My Blog followers - With this last month or so being kind of a bad spell of me, I've kind of neglected my poor wee blog but i have noticed that there have still been page views and comments. I really do love blogging and i am a bit upset that it fell by the way side but i guess these things cant be helped and if anything, now that the college work is by i can focus on blogging more throughout the day when i get a chance since i have no assessments or projects to hand in. I have found a few blogging challenges on-line that i might try out to help me get back into the swing of things. The one below was created by Emma over at OutMUMbered ... yeah its from a while ago (2012) but that doesn't mean it cant still be followed :)

I have missed so much of the #Project365 that i might have to draw a line in the previous start and begin again. Its a good thing it doesn't have to be a set date ... so i can start it again at the beginning of July so i start off a fresh month.

With us being away on holiday at the beginning of the month i should have plenty of great photo opportunities at least :)