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Pre-Holiday Shopping Haul

So college is all over.

Yesterday was my last ever day of Level 5 and it was a bittersweet moment. Yes I'm chuffed to bits that I've completed the year and have came out of it qualified but it was also sad to say bye to the lecturer and some of the girls that aren't coming back next year.

Now that its all over though i can concentrate on the summer ... more importantly the holiday we go on next week.

I know its not a spectacular as say going abroad like some of my friends but i don't care, I'm really excited to go down to England. I cant wait to see family and just have a change of scenery where i can chill out and de-stress.

With the upcoming holiday, We needed to get some new summer clothes (lets face it - Scottish summer is pretty cold at times too) so today we set off to Irvine to see what we could find.

And we lucked out for Agent M ... Big Time!

We have a Wedding reception to go to at the end of August and in the Next clearance we found this gorgeous shirt, waistcoat and tie for only a fiver!

 We also found a matching trousers and waistcoat that came to £20 ... Perfect for the wedding with the shirt and tie from above :)

Since i have booked him into loads of sports activities over the summer holidays i figured he should be in something a bit more comfortable to run in than jeans and for £3 i cant fault these jogging bottoms. The top is lovely too for £7 ... Looks really nice with his new jeans and shoes (they are below)

After we grabbed a spot of lunch we decided to go into the shopping centre and have a look at some of the clothes shops there and in Primark we found more bargains.

This T-Shirt and Shorts set was down to £3 which is ideal for him running about in the garden or even at the beach (if we get a chance to go) and i loved the T-Shirt for £1.50 ... "Dad thinks he knows best ... But mum knows better" :) The Ninja Turtle shorts weren't on offer but he really likes them and they can double as swim shorts so its not a total bust.

The Jacket was the aim today as the one he has just now is a winter coat and its way to warm to wear it (at least for the moment) so we finally found one that was in his size and for £9 i cant complain. Its waterproof for any light showers (plus it has a hood) but is light enough that he's not going to be cooking when we are out and about. We bought a nice wee pair of jeans too that were only a fiver. I LOVE that Primark do such lovely clothes for a little bit less. I don't mind too much if these jeans get scuffed up during days out or playing in the park as they aren't as expensive to replace, like the good ones he has from next or TK Maxx would be.

To finish up our wee shopping excursion i was thrilled to find shoes (in his size) on sale. Agent M has been growing so fast recently that its been a bit of a nightmare keeping up with him and all his play shoes are now too small so finding a pair of trainers for £3.50 made my day! Plus we found some lovely slip on style shoes for him to wear over the summer. "Easy on/off" as he says for running about in the grass or when we go to the soft play. At £1 per pair, it cant really be bet :) 

This added to some of the clothes i had already put past means Agent M is all set for his holidays (and for the Summer activities when we come back) ... Now i just need to bite the bullet and go shopping for myself ... Gulp!