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#31Day Challange - Day 23

Day 23 is here of the #31Day Challenge which means we have just over a week left. Not bad really and i feel like its been worth it as i'm getting back into the swing of this blogging thing :)

Anyways, Today's prompt is "Your Dream Job" which is a bit of a tough one. How would you define a dream job?

For a job that i think would be amazing and would love to do (but know i will never do) ... would be a Villain at Disney world. 

How cool would it be to get to act out a different villain every day. See all these excited children and get to say Mickey Mouse is your boss :)

I wouldn't care which villain i was playing that day either as they are all brilliant.

For a job that i would love to do (that is probably not a real job) ... Would be a craft kit tester.

Getting to test out all these different kits that on-one else had before would be cool. I'd get paid to do my hobby and i wouldn't have to feel bad about wanting time to make something cause it would be my job or feel bad about buying supplies as it would be sent to me for free.

For a job that i can do (and am working towards) ... would be a professional hairdresser.

I love hairdressing as its a creative job that changes all the time. Each client is different and has a different need so no two days are the same. I was a fluke that i fell into hairdressing but now that i'm in it, I LOVE it!

If i could have it anyway (which i suppose is the definition of a dream job) would be to own my own salon (maybe even two) and work on a fashion show or magazine shoot. Imagine being able to work on a movie or be a hairdresser to the stars? How Fan-bloody-tastic would that be?!