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#31Days Challenge - Day 14

After a wee stumble the last 2 days with the challenge ... though i made up for it with a holiday recap ... Its back to the list with today's prompt being " If you won the lottery".

Its quite a fun one to get back on as i think about this sometimes (yet i don't play the lottery).

If i won the lottery (assuming we're talking millions and not a tenner), the first thing i would do would be to pay off all my debt. It would be nice to have that weight off my shoulders.

The next thing i would do would be to buy my house. I have always wanted to own it as its the home i brought Agent M into when he was born and i would love to be able to leave him the property when i pass away so that he has a source of income he can fall back on.

Next i would learn to drive as it's been on my wish list since i was a teen but all the money i saved for it over the years ended up having to go to household bills etc. It would be brilliant to learn to drive then buy a wee car (yes even though i would be a millionaire i would still just have a basic wee car).

I would book a month long holiday in America for us to just have fun! 2 weeks would be spent in Florida hanging out with Mickey Mouse (preferably during their Halloween festivities). I'm Halloween daft and lets be honest Americans do it right :) plus my birthday is in October so i could double up the celebration :)

The next 2 weeks would be spent going across to Texas via a few days in New Orleans. I'd love to go on a city of the dead tour and stay in the French Quarter and i know Agents D and M would love to visit the Gas Monkey garage in Texas :)

When we came home, I would get myself a little building and set up my own salon. I would have chairs to rent that other stylists could take and have a beauty bit for the nails and massage. That way i could earn money and get to work with clients (Even if i was a multimillionaire i would still make a point of working and setting the example to Agent M that you still have to work to earn a living).

Any money left over i would keep at the side for emergencies and make sure that my family were taken care of.

Its nice to dream isn't it :)