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#31Days Challenge - Day 15

The prompt for Day 15 in the Challenge is "Timeline of your day", so keeping this in mind i am actually typing this up on the night if the 14th. *I figured it would be better being a day early and posted on the day rather than a timeline of that day and posted the next.*

All times are approx ... Didn't check the EXACT times ... Was a bit busy

6.15am - Alarm went off ... Went downstairs to make Agent D lunch for work. Boiled the kettle for a cuppa coffee.

6.30am - Said goodbye to Agent D and went back up to bed to watch some TV before Agent M woke up. Ended up watching a few episodes of American Dad.

7am - Agent M woke up and came into bed for a cuddle. Switched off the TV and went down stairs to get him breakfast. Realised i forgot to switch the kettle on at the wall *Doh!* Boiled kettle (actually this time) and made myself a coffee. Agent M had toast and ham.

8am - Wee man was due to come swap out the old gas and electric meters between now and 1pm so M and i pulled everything out from the cupboard under the stairs and piled it in the living room. I got really irritated at the new mess since we just unpacked from the holiday and got tidied the day before. Agent M started to read his minecraft books and i checked emails.

9.30am - Boiled the kettle again for another coffee ... Put in load of washing from the holiday. Agent M has moved onto his Lego Technics.

10am - Phone calls to make ... Spent a fair amount of time on hold *oh god the phone bill* ... reminded myself for the millionth time to get a replacement house phone after old one went loopy. While on hold *42 minutes total* i checked the freezer to see what food we have stored. Finally had a resolve on the phone.

11.30am - Make a cup of tea and marinade the pork in Chinese 5 spice for dinner tonight. Delivery man came with the DVD shelving towers. Took the washing out the machine and hung it up to dry. Put second load in.

12.30pm - Agent M was hungry so i made lunch. Made myself a slice of toast and pate ... Realised that this was my first meal of the day so far and decided to have a second slice ... with another cup of tea. Sat down to watch Outnumbered Season 1 while i ate ... Agent M finished and went up to play in his room.

1pm - Got really annoyed that the meter man hasn't shown up. Replied to Emails and played about on the blog. Trying to set up twitter cards but I'm just not getting it :(

2pm - Tried to chase up an Amazon order ... Had a mop ordered on prime but it didn't show up and DPD didn't update the tracking. Hung up second lot of washing. Another Coffee.

2.30pm - Fired off an email to energy supplier asking where the engineer was. Agent M asked for his hour screen time and watched some weird cartoon on Netflix.

3pm - Started to put the stuff back under the stairs as it was clear he wasn't turning up.

3.30pm - Spoke to my mum on the phone (seriously miss her already) ... Found number for energy provider. Called their customer services. Disappointed that the appointment was cancelled and no-one told me. They will get back in touch to re-arrange the meter swap. Agent M back in at the technics.

4pm - Started dinner

4.30pm - Agent D came home. He started building one of the towers ... turns out its faulty.

5pm - Served Dinner - Chinese pork chop with garlic roasted baby potatoes and sweetcorn.

5.30pm - Called Argos ... Arranged replacement. Still cant track the Amazon parcel. They say it will be delivered today up till 9pm. I'm not optimistic. Went upstairs to put away washing and watch some more American Dad while Agent M plays in his room with his WWE Wrestlers and Agent D plays the PlayStation.

6.30pm - Agent M's shower time and getting ready for bed. Gets to read from 7 till 8. I coloured in some of my book (so much fun lol). Played about on the blog ... Realised i forgot the #Project365 post. Checked the HP post ... Forgot to schedule it *Face-palm moment*

7pm - Agent M in bed reading and i need another cup of tea REALLY BADLY! Felt a bit hungry so had more toast. Looked through the photos of our holiday on Dropbox ... Sorted them out ... SO MANY PICTURES!

8pm - Tried to give the twitter cards another go. Still cant get it to work. Cant figure out what I'm doing wrong but its giving me a headache now.

9pm - Agent D came upstairs and we got ready for bed. No parcel arrived :( Started typing up this post while he watched Big Bang Theory.