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#31Days Challenge - Day 16

WOOHOO ... I'm a little over the half way point of the #31Days Blogging Challenge and so far its gone well :) Today is day 16 and the prompt is "What's at the top of your bucket list".

I've never really liked the idea of having a bucket list as it gives me a weird feeling to have a 'Before you die check list' ... I have the 101 things in a 1001 list I'm working through which is sort of similar.

Ideally though the things i would love to do are ...

Have a birthday in Disney World Florida ... Getting to spend my birthday with the Disney villains and getting to see all the Halloween decorations and festivities would be AMAZING! I've always been a Disney nut and Halloween is my favourite holiday so its a win win :)

Live long enough to see my Grandchildren ... This might sound like a strange wish but lets be honest, Growing old isn't a guarantee. I've heard about and seen so many people pass away from a multitude of illnesses at different ages (Cancer being the biggest one) and i just feel like growing old isn't something we can just expect to happen. I would love to grow old and see Agent M grow up. I would love to see him become a parent and get to see my little agents in training :) How special would that be :) I might even be lucky enough to meet a Great grandchild ... Now that would be brilliant!

At the end of the day when my time comes, i want to know that i had a good shot at life. I don't believe in any afterlife. I think this is it. This is life, not some kind of test so i want to make sure i live my life how i want to. 

I don't see the point in feeling bad about having that desert you really wanted.
Life is too short to be worried about what the rest of the world thinks about you or if you are as pretty as some celeb with a personal trainer and photo shop expert to remove that cellulite. 

Laugh with your kids, love your partner and smile :)